I can’t believe it is already December 1st! Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and I am so excited to announce what I will be reading in this relaxing month of winter. 

1. Go Ask Alice by Anonymous 

This seems to be a short book that deals with a very hard-hitting topic. I hope to take my time with this book and give it the sort of attention that it deserves. 

2. Baggage by S. G. Redling 

This is a book that I started reading, but never finished. I hope to get to read through it this month!

3. Schism by Britt Holewinski 

I meant to read this last month, but I keep putting it off. This is another book that I hope to finish reading but I am not quite sure I will get through, *fingers crossed* 

4. A Northern Light by Britt Holewinski 

I love Jennifer Donnelly’s writing and I hope to read A Norther Light as a wonderfully written winter read. I have high hopes for this book! 

5. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher 

Incarceron is a book that I can’t wait to dive into. It seems like it will be a fun and engaging read that I hope will not disappoint. 

That’s all for this months tbr. I am happy and excited to get to reading these lovely books. 

What is on your tbr for December? What books have you been itching to read? What bookish plans do you have for December?

-Till next time!


6 thoughts on “December Tbr 2016

  1. Good luck with your TBR 🙂 I don’t do monthly ones because I’m a mood reader and I never know what I’ll pick but I’m planning on reading the last of the ARCs waiting on my NetGalley shelf 🙂

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    1. I am often a mood reader myself. That’s why I usually don’t actually complete my tbr’s 100% whoops :/ but I find having somewhat of an idea of what I’d like to read for the month is helpful.

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