Every human being has their struggles. No human goes through this life unscathed. So wear your scars like a coat of armor. Every moment of life is part of the fabric of who you are, love it, love yourself, and fight for your healing. You can choose to see the world in a brighter light. You can choose to heal with golden flakes instead of darkness. There is no way to escape the tragedies of life, but what matters is how you react to it. So stay strong and take care of yourself. You deserve to be happy. You deserve all the brightest parts of the world. 

-Till next time! 

24 thoughts on “Beautiful Inspirational Quote 

  1. I totally most definitely agree. In my opinion, scars may look disgusting but hell, they make you look badass😂😂. Trust me, as long as your a survivor of the worst, you are special in the world compared to those who havent been “bitten” by hurt and tragedy.

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      1. It is Tiana. It really is. It makes us who we are and shows how far we’ve all come. Their are brave people out there and some who are hurt enough that are afraid to speak out or even get back up, but being self-aware and encouraging them that life will always knock us out in the boxing ring, but we need to get back up and win that fight once again. We have before. We can do it again.

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