I don’t quite feel right that the day I’m meant to be celebrating my dad is the same day I hit 900 followers on my blog. So as happy as I am I am going to make a completely separate post tomorrow to express my sincerest gratitude and excitement. 

Today is about my dad: 

This goofy and wonderful humanbeing depicted next to me. I was always daddy’s little girl and I feel like I don’t take time to appreciate him and the person he has always been for me enough. As he always tells me, “You live inside my heart.” 

The following is a piece I wrote about a year ago to express how I felt about my dad and how he inspired me to be a writer (though he will never truly love books like I do). 

I never thought I wanted to be a writer. In fact, I despised it when I was young, especially because I related it to handwriting and mine has always been terrible. In fact, I attributed writing to a forced task that was a nuisance keeping me away from going outside and looking for rolly pollys and other creepy crawlies with my dad.
As a kid that’s what I lived for, walking behind my dad, hearing him tell me “follow the charge.” To which I would run ahead and say, “follow me.” I loved helping him. I loved scraping the dirt and finding weird pupas to hold in my tiny hands. I loved picking up a worm and yelling “look daddy, it’s a worm.” I was a queen of the obvious as most children are, yet bugs amazed me and my dad was the reason I never minded their sometimes slimy skin.
I feel like I owe a lot of my love for writing thanks to these moments I shared with my father. Watering plants and learning about life from him built a wonder and compassion that has created a huge part of who I am. Feeling so at home in nature gave me the curiosity to look a little deeper, to give myself to what I felt, and feel the need to record the beauty of days spent idle yet full of wonder.
My dad was never much for books, but he always told me stories, stories that sharpened my mind, created a believer in me, made me think, made me wonder. Those days under the sun, spending my time, listening to his tender voice, sparked a love for words in me that I never realized was so important.

Thanks for reading! No matter what whoever that father figure is in your life (he doesn’t have to be blood to be a father to you) please give him some love today. No matter how simple the gesture just show him a little extra kindness. 

-Till next time!



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