Fallen Flame by J.M. Miller

My Rating: 4/5 flaming stars!

Publisher: J.M. Miller

Publish Date: June 19th, 2017

Recieved: Netgalley provided an e-arc in exchange for an honest review. 

Purchase: Amazon


Nineteen years ago, on the island kingdom of Garlin, a girl was born. With charred skin as rough as rock, Vala was instantly feared. For how could one be scorched by magic when it had perished ages before?

Recognizing an asset, the royal family welcomed her on their Guard. Her detail: the prince.

To watch. To protect. She has grown with him, lives her life for him. 

When the high kingdom’s princess comes to assess the prince, assassins of rival courtiers come to claim his life. One nearly succeeds in his mission. But with shadowy movements and charred skin like her own, Vala knows he is not like the rest.

As threats to the prince continue and questions about Vala’s life begin to rise, she faces a fear worse than fire or water, worse even than losing him. 

She fears finding out who she truly is. 


This book is a hidden gem. I really really loved it. It hit all my sappy must read points and ran with them and ran with them well, a badass heroine, an intriguing fantasy world, the allure of lost magic, and some swoonworthy characters that definitely know who they are (yes, I’m talking about you shadow). 

One thing that had my heart soaring was that despite being ostracized for ages for have charred skin I never felt like Vala (our incredible mc) felt that she was anything less then beautiful. Weather her skin was charred or turned red thanks to a cleansing she always showed confidence in herself and she never once believed that because she was different she couldn’t be loved and I think that’s a whole other strength that should be applauded and shouted out to the heavens! Vala is simply all around amazing and when she shows her vulnerable side you finally get to see the real her. 

Overall this book was an adventure that cannot be missed. Fallen Flame was fun, full of action, and with lots of mystery to keep you wanting more. I can’t wait for the sequel! I loved this book!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my review and that you will consider checking out Fallen Flame. I think everyone could enjoy it. 

-Till next time! 


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