This may be one of the best ideas I’ve ever had… or one of the worst ideas I have ever had, but I’m going to try it anyway. 

So here’s the plan, it’s pretty simple. All I have to do is finish a book every single day for the rest of the year. Sounds pretty straightforward right? Well… not with the way I read. I tend to read a bunch of novels at one time. Which makes it so that I finish books sporodically and go at a relatively slow pace. I never read one book all the way through… well most of the time (cough cough Song of the Current cough cough) 

I want to see what would happen if I really dedicated my time differently and read one book as a whole in a day. I’m not sure if this is sustainable or not. I’m not really sure how I’m going to pull this off. I’m probably going to find a way to read more then one book at a time anyway, but I just want to dip my toes in and let my bookworm heart devour some amazing novels! I have a physical tbr of 58 books, but new with new books coming into my life so steadily.. and with Netgalley books catching my heart left and right, I think I’ll be able to sustain this the rest of this year. 

Weather stupid or not, no matter how tired I am, I will get through this. There are too many amazing stories in this world to read and I want to enjoy as many as I can. In a way I just want to see if I am capable of it or not. We shall see. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any tips or suggestions let me know in the comments! I’m honestly really scared now, but I’m inspired so let’s do this! 

-Till next time!


187 thoughts on “A Book A Day for the Rest of the Year?

  1. I would love to try this but I don’t think I would do very well. However, I might just be crazy enough to try it haha. Even if I don’t end up reading a book every day for the rest of the year it’s still amazing motivation!!! 😀

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  2. Hi Tiana, just came across this post of urs. Since u posted it in July, was wondering how the project is going?
    I have such a busy schedule these days that reading about ur daily target, although its amazing, makes me kindda anxious. Hehehe.
    Best of luck 🙂

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  3. This is such a great idea to get through that TBR pile! Personally, I can’t imagine being to accomplish it! I have such a hard time with focus and concentration – I’m trying to read just 20 books this year. Halfway through! I’m very interested in what books you’ve read! Are you trying to read “smaller” books (like less than 300 pages)? Are you keeping track of your progress in any way?

    I have a Kindle that I use for some free books, and they track how fast I read a book. Have you tried seeing how fast you read in a way like that? Sorry, I’m really into organization! Haha.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! So far I have kept this up for 14 days! I haven’t really been reading shorter books except for 2 poetry books on different days when I was really busy during the day and only had about an hour for reading. Also I read several books at a time. So I will end up finishing one book and then starting a few chapters of the next book so that I have some leeway for the next day. However, most of the books I have read have been over 300 pgs. It’s really more about spending less time on social media or watching movies and YouTube videos and taking that time to read and it becomes surprisingly really manageable!

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  4. This sounds like a dream come true. I adore reading, but like you I tend to read multiple things at once, so it would be difficult for me to achieve. I have also been having a bit of a reading slump, so I am not reading as much as I would like.
    Good Luck!

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  5. This is a good idea and I wish you good luck with it. I totally get where you are with it. What I did last year and the year before was give myself a set amount of books to read within that year. That worked out better for me due to my schedule. Either way, reading books…the best idea ever 🙂

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  6. That is a great goal! Even if you don’t make it, you still are reading a ton. It is not a binary pass/fail type goal. It sounds like it will be really rewarding regardless and since I am a little late in getting to the post… it may already be rewarding

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    1. Thank you! The longest I have kept this up for was about 23 days. I keep starting over though and it has been truly rewarding. I want to see if I can keep it up for all of October this month (I just had another restart). I have already finished my book for the day!


  7. Well, all the best for your new challenge. I took up similar sort of challenge for myself. Since am not that good at reading so I have started with a book a week plan. And till now its going well. For that purpose I quitted social media as well. Surprisingly! Its doing wonders.

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  8. This is such a good idea, I either read like 250 pages in a day or 2 pages in a week with no in between! I might do this at a slower pace like a book a week as I have a lot of studying at the moment.
    Thank you for the great idea xx

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  9. I wish you the best of luck! If I were to do this, I’d probably try to do like one book a day for winter break or summer. But that’s only because school is trying to kill me and most days during the semester, Netflix or Hulu is all my brain can handle after class, work, and student org meetings.

    Are you going to post about each book you read or about the experience? I think that would be interesting to read. Either way, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you have an amazing time will doing it.
    Let your imagination run free! 🙂

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    1. I have posted about my experience a little bit and I mostly post about each book through review (although I am running a bit behind) I’m just getting back into this challenge because I had taken a hiatus from it for a few days, but I’m excited to start up again!


      1. I shall look for them on my next work break. 🙂
        I’m glad your getting back on the challenge. I probably would have put it on my list of things to do still. You’re seriously inspiring me to stop making lists.

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  10. Oh how i would love to join you on this quest of yours. My circumstances however will not allow this type of pleasure. Being a mum and wife juggling the every day duties of family and the ongoing process or reading and writing books it would be physically impossible. Good luck to you and i hope you enjoy this challenge.

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