Every year Goodreads keeps track of your reading progress and creates a beautiful display of all the books you’ve read at the End of the year. This is long overdue, but none-the-less here is my 2017 year in books!

Well it seems that I read quite a bit in 2017. Far more then in 2016 that’s for sure and with 22 books read so far this year already I think I’m on my way to making this following year even better!

Thanks for reading! What was one of your favorite reads from 2017?

-Till next time!

40 thoughts on “My Year in Books: 2017

      1. My reading varies each year, I’ve discovered. I set an amount of books to read each year, but always go at my own pace anyway. But it’s always interesting to see how many books you do end up reading by the end of the year.

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  1. very nice. I love goodreads. Joined about 5 years ago. Changed my life. I never have to ask now “what will I read next”

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