On my journey to progress in mental health, writing, language learning, and just doing the best I can, I have realized that I have failed many times and that I will fail even more in the future. It is the way of life that failure and losing is going to happen to you far more then success. It will happen, but it’s what you do with that failure that is important.

My failures are settling into my apathy and letting life pass me by and going through the motions of life. My failures are giving into my vices and giving up. Basically not showing up to do the things I need to do to move forward in life.

It took me a long time to reach a point where I could reflect on my failures and why I am failing again and again and working to create a different approach to how I’m doing things so that I tend to fail a bit less. I understand that I have messed up or that I was too far in a bad headspace to want to move forward and the very next day I start over.

I think and live more and more in the present. I forgive my faults as I work to change them and pick myself up again and again. I build habits as much as I build a new attitude and I put one step in front of the other. When things that happen that are out of my control I try not to see it as failure (though I still do at times). I try to make how I react count. I work towards healthy inside and out and I force myself to think that (for things that are in my control) I will not be the person that let’s myself fail.

I am proud that because I have changed a lot of my mindset so relentlessly that I have begun to move forward without giving in for longer and longer times. I work day to day and take each moment as my opportunities and it’s changed me. I have my daily things to do and I get them done (most of the time). I give myself projects to look forward to.

Failure is the thing I am no longer afraid of. Things happen, I get knocked down, I feel hopeless, yet the next day I open my eyes the world moves and I choose to move with it. Don’t let failure be the thing that makes you feel that your dreams are hopeless. Know that you will fail. Give yourself room for it even. Yet don’t let it be your excuse. Every day when you open your eyes choose to be the person who takes action. Choose to try and try and try and try again working every angle you can think of and creating more. Don’t give up but even when you do don’t let it last. Give yourself a reset. Just like a video game character getting up with their thousandth life.

Thanks for reading! What are your dreams and aspirations? What will you do to make them happen? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

-Till next time!


9 thoughts on “Failure is Inevitable

      1. I think we’re all on the same journey, in our own ways. I thought it was really brave of you to share it, and was kind of clapping for you because this is stuff we just don’t talk about and we should!

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        1. That really puts a smile on my face. I’ve been working on talking about the things that we as humans don’t want to say or avoid thinking about, because it’s been important as I take steps forward in my own journey of trying to be a better person.

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