Usually right now, I’d be writing a TBR post, but now that I don’t have Netgalley on my back making sure I read certain books is not something I can do. I mean I could try, but I want to live in my freedom for a while!

So instead, I want to talk about what I have planned for October.

It’s spooky month so.. of course there are a few things I HAVE to do. One.. read at least one spooky book.. it will probably be Merciless.. that pink witchy book has been calling my name for over a year now. Two.. I will be writing as much as I can towards my psychological horror novel. Three.. is to watch at least one horror movie/play-through of a horror game every weekend.. maybe I will do a post about what I watch each weekend.. that might be fun.. Four.. It’s my blogoversery month!!! On October 14th, 2018 my blog will be 2 years old!!!! I have a very very special thank you post discussing just how important this blog has become to me in the past two years.

Other then all of that, I don’t really know what to expect for this month. Life has thrown at me so many twists and turns recently that I really don’t know what to do sometimes other then go with the flow of it. Either way no matter what comes my way this month I’m determined to tackle it!

Thanks for reading! What are your plans for October? What are your currently reading? What book do you think your going to pick up next?

-Till next time!


17 thoughts on “October Plans

  1. Happy two years Tiana! I’m not sure what I’m doing for Halloween this year. I know for sure I’ll be going to a Halloween Party on the 20th, but other than that, no set plans. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Last year I watched all the Saw movies, which was a lot of fun. Will figure something out either way.

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    1. I hope you have an awesome party!! The one thing I wish I could do is dress up for the day, but i know I can’t.. one of these years I want to work as a haunt actor at six flags or knotts or something.. maybe I’ll remember next year… that way I feel like I’m in that spooky element the whole time!


      1. I’m really excited about it. It’s a party one of my Mom’s friends has every year. But this year they have a theme for the party: the Adam’s family. So I’m really excited to dress up for it because Mum and I haven’t dressed up for any of their previous parties.

        Okay, that would be fun to do. I actually want to go to one of those one day but nobody I know is into spooky stuff like I am.

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