disclaimer *Jack is playing an early access version so some of my criticism might be things that are fixed for the full game*

As a horror junkie, I try every year to watch the play throughs of the years most anticipated horror games. Jack’s thumbnail describes Visage as one of the most terrifying games in years, but sadly, I didn’t get scared once. Honestly, I think I’m immune to horror that is too complacent.. with little story. Basically, a spooky house with the rare ghostly appearance doesn’t do it for me. Plus, hearing jack struggle with controls and the weird storage system brought me out of it. For the first time, a game gave me a headache with all the camera flashing. I had to stop watching after a while.

I was thrown off a lot because while there is a small bit of story the nuggets were too small and while I get that they were trying not to overdo things I honestly think that it made it feel underdeveloped. It felt like the player had to do too much tedious things with very little direction and in the end there didn’t feel like a real point to it.

I don’t know maybe I’m a little spoiled when it comes to horror. I’m really passionate about the horror games I’ve watched in the past that I think were so well done. Games like Until Dawn, doki doki literature club, Resident evil 7, outlast, and the amnesia games. In light of those.. each with moments that terrified me to the point of me jumping and throwing my phone.. except doki doki.. that’s more psychological horror. Visage didn’t scare me at any point. I feel bad. I really wanted it to be good, but I could not get into it. Sadly this game is not my cup of tea.

I would go on, but the thing is I’ve pretty much covered everything. That makes me really sad to say. Watching this is watching a lot of opening drawers and a lot of picking up items and a lot of imagining things happening and little small cheap horror cliches that are freaky in real life, but I’m tired of seeing them in so many movies and horror games. I appreciate what they were trying to do I really do, but for me it didn’t work. I’m sadly pretty disappointed.

Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite horror games? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

-Till next time!


3 thoughts on “Watching Visage: Jackspeticeye Playthrough

  1. Sweet. Someone else who watches Jack. 😁

    The game does seem frustrating to play, based on his game play, but I’m trying to keep in mind that it’s still in early access and what he played was just a glorified demo because there were some areas that weren’t even in the game yet.

    I didn’t get scared either, but I feel like that’s probably because I wasn’t experiencing it firsthand. I didn’t get scared watching Until Dawn or Outlast either, but when I tried to play the latter, I spent five minutes on the main menu before exiting the game altogether. 😂

    Hopefully the full game of Visage will be made, because I think they’re on to something good, and I’d like to see how it all plays out. But like Jack said, I can also see it taking a turn for the worse too.

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    1. Yeah just based off of some of the thinks Jack said while playing it was frustrating. It did feel very large demo I really wish they would have just made a short demo that way it wouldn’t have felt as yucky as it did for me.. the flashes were really starting to mess with me.

      I got scared with until dawn and outlast due to one or two really amazing jump scares coupled with the scream of the person playing which sometimes got me more then the jump scare.

      I have no idea if I could ever play outlast on my own though. It could end up being really good or being not so good it’s truly a coin toss!


  2. I actually haven’t watched Jacksepticeye play this game yet. But I definitely enjoyed watching him play Until Dawn and Doki Doki Literature Club (thinking about those two actually makes me want to watch him play those games). I think one of my favorite horror games I’ve watched someone play is the Corpse Party games because the story is interesting and it seemed like games I’d enjoy playing.


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