I didn’t expect it, but my Thanksgiving was the most normal and relaxed day I’ve had in a very long time. I might even call it peaceful. We had food, a lot of food. Pupusas, tamales, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and flan. Not your typical Thanksgiving, but what made for a great one in my family.

I sat and watched movies with my sister. Two horror movies, an thriller/action flick, and a romance. I enjoyed all of them. It felt like the much needed reprieve I’d been waiting for. Nothing big happened. Nothing changed. It was a day that just was and for that I am grateful.

It’s been hard to remember to be grateful recently. My family and I do not agree on a lot of things, but they will always be my family and I love them. I know that no matter what they’d never leave me behind. I’m grateful that at least I have a job. I hate it, but I have it. I forget to use it as the stepping stone to keep me afloat until a new door opens.

I also appreciate that even if so many doors have closed in my life recently, that I am young. I’m only 19. I have so many years ahead to figure life out. My journey has only began and yes a lot of sucky things have happened, but as they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. For the first time since everything has happened I feel excited about the future in a way that is different from before. I’ve decided to focus on myself. To focus on the things I want to do with my life. I’m going to work hard and be true to me.

It is going to be slow going for a while. I have a lot of pain that I need time to start to heal. I have a lot of questions with no answers that I need to let go of. But, I think I have the ability to work things out. To get past the sadness. To do something I can be proud of with my life. Even to one day find a love that is good for me. Someone my family loves. Someone I can share everything with and who knows they can share anything with me.

I’m thankful for the life experiences that I’ve had. The good and the bad. It’s kept me with a decent head on my shoulders. I’m thankful for books and I’m thankful for movies. Stories give hope in the dark. I’m thankful for being alive. I have a chance to meet people and see amazing things. It’s a good time to be alive. I’m thankful for the opportunity to move forward. I’m going to do what I can to turn my life around and take the world by storm.

Thanks to all of you for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!


21 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I’m also 19 and have had many hardships this year. Like you, it has just been hard to be grateful but I thought that this was a nice post reminding me that I should stay grateful for the things that I do have instead of focusing on the things I don’t. 💕

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    1. Yeah, it’s been incredibly hard to stay positive. However, even though I’ve been struggling I’m doing my best to see what’s still good in my life. I’m glad that you found this to be of a reminder to think of some good things in your own life. I’m sorry that your struggling like I am at our same age of 19z


  2. The great thing about living is that we have a loooonnnggg time to figure out the direction we want our path to take and that includes who we want to bring along on our journey! I’m sorry you are having a tough time but am glad the day spent with your family was peaceful and nice! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. I’m so glad your Thanksgiving was nice and that you were able to relax a little bit. I feel like spending time with family is a precious gift, especially around the holidays. I’m a bit older than you – 30 – but I can think of several hardships that I went through at 19, though different from yours. It will get better!!

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  4. Sounds like your holiday was relaxing and gave you an opportunity to reflect and gain some perspective. Good for you for letting yourself feel normal. And good for you for wanting to do this work while you’re young. It will pay off, I promise. Growth and change is hard, but you sound like a strong, brave person. Good luck and keep writing.

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