I know not everyone agrees with me, but Iron Man 3 is my favorite of the Iron Man films and I won’t apologize for it. It’s a well-balanced, funny yet emotional film that shows no matter what demons you have inside you, you can still be an incredible hero.

I love Iron Man for his wit and for how genuine of a human being he is. His past is checkered and he doesn’t always say or do the right thing, but he tries his best to do what is right for those he loves and also for the world.

This movie starts out with one of the most Tony Stark trade marked quote ever. He says “A famous man once said, “We create our own demons.” Who said that? What does that even mean? Didn’t matter. I said it ’cause he said it. So now, he was famous and it was basically said by two well-known guys.” This feels so classically Tony Stark and I love how it ties in to what he says at the end as well. It shows his arrogance, but also his wit and it sets the tone for what the rest of the movie perfectly.

I love even the little moments like when Tony is arguing with James about Tony’s health and James says ‘I’m not trying to be a Dick-tator.’ switching his word slightly because a little girl is present. Something about the slight jabs and sarcastic humor makes Iron Man one of my favorite marvel heroes. He’s always fun to watch.

In this movie the villains were all of Tony’s making. The ex-lover, The guy he ignored at a party, and his own mental hurtles. It really felt like everyone was someone he needed to fight off himself. Who had a personal vendetta against him. Yes, a lot of it is posed as a villain plotting against the world, but the real motive was to get back at Tony and it made his eventual triumph at the end all the more exciting.

But, what I love most about this film is seeing one of the earths mightiest heroes deal with a demon that so many of us face everyday.. anxiety. The mind is the most powerful force on earth. When Stark has his first major panic attack he thinks he must have some heart or brain injury and his body is perfectly fine. It’s his mind that created the danger and as the movie goes on and he continues battling his mind as well as all of the other demons he created you see someone defeating their demons and coming out on top. That’s a message that so many of us need at some point or another.

Then how deeply it’s connected to Pepper and how much he wants to protect her. That kills me. Because there is only one person on this earth that he has and that’s her and he realized there’s more on the earth to be afraid of then he ever first realized. He’s not sure if he’s strong enough to keep her safe and nothing hits him harder then that.. so he tinkers. He makes things to feel better, but by doing so he looses time just enjoying being with her. Tony may be a jerk at times, but he’s real with Pepper. I think that’s the truest kind of love. The person you can be your truest self with. The person who’s flaws don’t sway you because you can see how hard the other tries in spite of everything. The person who lifts you up and who you lift up. That’s the kind of love you never let pass you by.

Then, Tony gets arrogant again and gives the world his address. That ends in absolute catastrophe as well as Pepper being captured. But, it made for one of the funniest and best relationships in the whole MCU… the relationship between Tony and a kid named Harley. Tony is rather mean to the adorable little kid, but the kid holds his own anyway. Honestly, I think they both irritate and love each other equally. Tony needed Harley and Harley, well, Harley found a father figure. It’s the sweetest thing to watch.

I know a lot of people don’t like this, but I love the mandarin being a fake. I know that it would’ve made for a completely different movie if he wasn’t, but he just played the part so well. Plus, the part where this gets revealed is probably the funniest part of the movie for me. For me, it balances the film out. It put a smile on my face and that’s worth a lot to me. I’m always up for some good comic relief and that’s what the actor behind the mandarin is for me.

As far as the battle scenes go, there was plenty of action. The power set was unique from all the other films and that made the fighting style and overall feel of the fight scenes their own. Then, we have the final battle where Tony calls in all his suits and it creates a busyness that keeps your eyes engaged and gives a sense of urgency to the overall scene.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Iron Man. I love a good flawed hero. Iron Man is truly human in every sense of the word. In this final solo film of his we get to see him at his very best in spite of everything that mentally wants to bring him down. Iron man is a true hero and I will always have love for his films.

Thanks so much to all of you for reading! I’m back once more and better then ever. Thanks to all of you for sticking with me. I have a lot planned to read, write, and discuss with you all in the future.

-Till next time!


21 thoughts on “Iron Man 3: A Discussion

  1. DUDE I LOVE IRON MAN 3! It is totally under-appreciated. In my opinion nothing can be the original Iron Man, but this movie did so many amazing things. I loved seeing Tony so vulnerable, dealing with (as you said) very human problems. This is a crucial moment on his journey after his God-complex creates Ultron, he learns that he’s been making his own demons for decades. I also love how at the end he finally gives up on his ego by FINALLY getting the surgery to get the debris removed. The biggest disappointment about this movie was that they didn’t let his character development to continue properly in the films following this one, especially in Civil War. We only see a smidgen of the changed man he’s become. I can’t wait to see what happens to Tony in End Game!

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  2. I liked it best too! And Iron Man is my favorite! The two strangers sitting next to me in the cinema while I was sobbing like crazy watching the first of the Avengers, that scene close to the end, can vouch for me!

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  3. Out of the Avengers, Iron Man is my favorite. Iron Man 3 might not be my favorite film of his movies but your argument for it makes me want to take another look at it and see if anything has changed for me. I’ve only seen it once but you’ve convinced me to give it another try! I really hope Avengers: Endgame shows just as much nuance 😀

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  4. I totally agree with you; this movie is fantastic! I don’t know whether it’s my favorite of the Iron Mans, but it’s definitely up there, and I don’t really get why people don’t seem to enjoy this installment of the series. I rewatched it a couple of weeks ago and still totally love it. It’s so well done and entertaining. Love the review!

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  5. It is one of my favourite movies too but does it never bother you that he did not use his army of highly advanced suit to protect his house, once he had threatened the Mandarin rather than waiting till the end? What does everyone think?

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    1. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me much. Mostly because that last battle scene looked really cool and I was pretty satisfied with how the movie went overall. Plus, if that has happened the movie would have been over pretty quickly.

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