This has been a month of learning. A month of listening and gathering and it is something I will continue to be doing throughout the rest of my life.

It’s now becoming common knowledge that J.K. Rowling is transphobic. Her words have caused immense harm for the trans community. Her works both under J.K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith further her ideals against Trans people. It’s disgusting and I cannot support her.

Trans rights are a human rights issue. They matter. They are beautiful, valid, and incredible human beings. And not only does narratives that Jk Rowling/Robert Galbraith promotes hurt trans lives, but non-binary lives too.

The narrative of trans people being predatory is despicable and plane out false. It is that fear that makes people think it’s ok to kill and commit violence against trans people and it needs to be stopped. I also feel the need to say that as in the terms of young people being tricked into being trans. Which again is a disgusting narrative that is not ok.

I ask every single person reading this to educated yourselves. Listen, learn, and amplify trans voices. Take the money you’d use to buy one of Rowling’s/Galbraith’s books and put it towards supporting the trans community. Buy books by trans authors. Donate to the Trevor Project.

Trans people deserve to be loved. To be accepted as the men and women that they are. Non-Binary people deserve to be loved and accepted for the wonderful human beings that they are.

Check your twitter. Do you follow Jk Rowling and/or Robert Galbraith… unfollow them and follow instead trans authors like Akwaeke Emezi, Aiden Thomas, and non-binary author Anna-Marie McLemore. Support the voices of those who have been targeted by hate. Lift them up. Show them support. Show them that your space is a safe space for them.

This isn’t the time for silence. It is the time for change. To stand up for human rights and equality for all.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

Places to donate to Trans communities:

Trans Equality

The Trevor Project

Transgender Law Center

Some BLM resources: 

Link to bail funds to donate to!

Link to petitions to sign! 

Link to a video to watch if you can’t donate!

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7 thoughts on “Standing With the Trans Community

  1. Rowling did not say anything transphobic. This is crazy.
    All she did was say that there is a biological reality. You don’t have to agree with her. But trying to get others to cancel her is wrong.

    Open your mind. I have read her tweets. She is saying that trans women are different than biological women. That’s just true. It’s not a harmful thing to say.
    We live in a world where if a lesbian doesn’t want to date a trans woman, she is considered transphobic. I never thought it would be controversial to say lesbians don’t have to suck dicks if they don’t want to and that doesn’t make them hateful. I was raised by a lesbian. I’ve known many of them in my life. Doesn’t seem like penis is something they are a fan of. But we live in a world where lesbians are criticized if they don’t want to date trans women who have penises (which is fine for them to have! But not everybody will want to date them!)

    She never said trans people are predatory. I have no idea where you got that from or why you are lying.

    You should stop succumbing to mob mentality and think this over for yourself, with your own heart and moral compass.

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    1. I would also like to comment that J.K. Rowling specifically stated that menstruation is a quality which signifies whether someone is a woman or not. This is so completely false and incredibly hurtful for someone with her platform to be promoting. You are bringing up a completely different topic of conversation to validate your reasoning for backing her. Which like Tiana already stated is your opinion and you are welcome to express it. It is not for me to invalidate your experience as a person who has grown up with a lesbian parent. I just want to help you see that what Rowling said is simply false. There are many biological women who don’t get their periods and there are many trans men who get their periods. And that doesn’t include non binary and other gender identifying people. Basically, getting a period or not getting a period does not have anything to do with gender. What our bodies are biologically capable of has nothing to do with our gender or our sexuality. Also, it is not mob mentality to want to stand up when we see inequality. I would say it is our humanity that makes us want to use our platforms to call out the harmful words and actions of others.

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      1. Thank you! This is another point that I wanted to discuss that I didn’t get to in my post. Getting a period does not make you a woman. The thing is I also grew up with my grandmother and her female partner and that has nothing to do with what rowling has been stating about gender and trans people. This isn’t about following what other people are saying this is about standing up for human rights. For a community that has been hurting and ostracized for who they are and that is not ok. Trans people deserve better. To be treated like human beings. They deserve to be loved and uplifted.


  2. Thank you for your article, we need people speaking up for trans community. I’ve always had issues separating the author and his/her/their work, and this whole thing is giving me a moral dilemma. I’m a huge potterhead but I can’t continue to support what JKR says…

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