I have so much on my plate right now. So much I want to do. So much I want to read. My tbr is so long and it feels at this point I won’t catch up, but I want to try.

One of the things that’s been weighing on me is this feeling of overwhelment that comes over me especially with the hours I’m working and just how much there is to do. I can’t quite do as much in a day as I used to. My mind is drained. My body wanting rest.

Yet, there’s that guilt I feel because I want so much to read and review those books I have because I know I’ll love so many of them and I know how much reviews mean to publishers and authors alike.

Right now, I’m taking things day by day. I need to. I keep taking every moment that is hard and piling it on top of the other and I can’t keep doing that to myself.

This is my promise to myself. To take it all step by step. To do the very best I can and to give my mine the rest it needs. To focus on feeling better and just slowly working through what I have and building a new momentum in my life.

For now I’ll start by finishing the library book I’m reading “The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion”. Then read “Saints and Misfits” because I have limited time to read it. Then, finish “The Unstoppable Wasp” because I’m pretty close to finishing that one and it’s a Sam Maggs book and I love her.

As for starting to write a book. I think I’ll make it a point that every day, once I’m fully ready to go for the day I spend at least 15 minutes writing. Otherwise, I’ll make excuses and it won’t happen. I know exactly which book is calling to me to write right now. So, all that’s left to do is give myself that time.

Thank you all for reading! I feel so much better after writing this. I can do this. It’ll all be in time.

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The Trevor Project

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