Genshin Impact is the best mobile game I’ve ever played. The fact they made it free is amazing and I’m so happy about it. I’ve played almost from the very start of its release and I’ve loved every moment of exploration and every event and enjoying pulling for the characters I’ve wanted most.

Definitely my two favorite moments where this:

Pulling Ganyu on the first 10 pull on her banner!!! I remember when I first saw Ganyu was going to be a character and instantly I got so much excitement. She’s so beautiful and I kept telling my boyfriend how much I wanted her. Then, was so excited to show him that I got her and on the first 10 pull too! It was a great moment!

And this:

So this pull was somehow even more special because it was pulled during the picture event and I needed one last thing for to unlock the last trove and my boyfriend sent me the very last color I needed. Then those primogems were just enough to do one pull. That pull got me Xiao. I swear I was on such a high after this pull because it fell into place so perfectly and it’s like with that one little gift my boyfriend sent me he got me Xiao. Plus, the odds of that happening are astronomical, but it did and I felt so much joy and love and awe in that moment and for so long after. I’ll always treasure Xiao a bit extra just because of how he came to be on my team. 🙂

My two favorite events have been the most recent Theatre Mechanicus.

And the event that got me my little seelee buddy:

The tower defense was so awesome. Along with all the lantern rite tales that gave so many great primogems! Definitely the best event so far. I just really love that I have a little buddy following me everywhere so I’ll forever love that I got to do that seelie event.

Already I’ve made so many great memories because of this game. It’s so gorgeous and fun and so massive and I know it’ll continue to grow over time and I’m so excited to see what comes next! I know I’m excited to see Rosaria and Hu Tao to come to Genshin! I’ll definitely be pulling for both when they arrive. As it stands right now my most wanted characters are QiQi, Keqing, and Klee. I love all the girl character what can I say? I have my two most wanted of the male characters Razor and Xiao. I do admit I’ll love to get Dainsleif when he comes out too.

I’m just so excited about this game and all that’ll be added to it! I know it’ll all be amazing!

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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