For the first time ever in years and I mean years, I decided I needed to invest in myself and get started on a nice skincare routine. So, that’s exactly what I did. At first I was completely on top of it and then recently I stopped for about two weeks and I noticed that with the routine my acne was clearing up completely and without it pimples from all the sweat of work, wearing a mask, and general stress were coming back.

My sister recommended me this brand called Inkey and so far I can say it truly has helped me immensely! These are my morning and night routines!

Morning Routine:

Step 1: Double Oil Cleanser

I got this part for free when I first purchased everything. I don’t know how well it removes makeup, but as far as regular sweat, dirt, and clogs it does really well. You can see the dirt come off the the pad when I use it with this product. I’ve really liked this one.

Step 2: Salicylic Acid Cleanser

It says it’s meant to unclog pores while reducing black heads, blemishes and acne and I definitely have felt the reduction of all of that while using this product.

Step 3: Hyaluronic Acid

This is one of my favorite steps morning and night, because you need to keep some water on your face while applying this so it absorbes into the skin better and I like to wait to apply anything else to my skin till everything dries and it feels so good! It’s good for reducing fine lines and keeping your skin hydrated and it says on the website it’s great for everyone and honestly, I vouch for it!

Step 4: Succinic Acid

This is the acne spot treatment and I feel like this might be what does the most work in reducing my breakout spots. I haven’t tested it on its own though so I’m not sure, but with this routine my skin does feel smoother and healthier.

Step 5: Glyco-Peptide Moisturizer

I use this product because the morning moisturizer on Inkey was sold out and honestly I don’t mind just using this. They always say it’s good to start early to keep your skin smooth.

Step 6: Sun Screen

The last thing is to put on sunscreen! Best way to keep your skin healthy and save is to reduce the UV ray intake it has and starting to use sun screen daily has been important to me.

Night Routine:

Step 1-3: same as morning routine

Step 4: Beta Hydroxy Acid

This product exfoliates the skin. You can use it either morning or night and I chose the night time. It doesn’t feel like a normal exfoliate and you let it absorb into the skin instead of washing it off. It’s interesting, but again muy skin has been so much better since starting this routine and so this product is only helping.

Step 5: Succinc Acid (same as morning)

Step 6: Rosehip Oil

The product says it should only be used at night so that’s what I do. It says that it helps with skin texture and that it is good for all skin types. When I put it on it takes a while for the oil to absorb into my skin, but after my skin feels nice. It also smells nice too which I really like.

That’s it! It’s been ages, but this is finally the self care I’ve been missing out on. It feels so good to be doing things to help out my skin.

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