Last night my best friend Marble asked me to watch a movie with her and of course I was down. I always enjoy watching a movie with her. So, this movie night she picked 13 Ghosts. A movie I’d never seen and knew nothing about. This is how it went:

The first thing of note is that this poster is exactly all that this movie is. The flashes of visions the psychic has and the all around fear that is present throughout the film. It’s a perfect representation of 13 Ghosts.

One thing about this movie is that it’s very memorable, especially because it’s visuals are so unique to it. The opening itself with the very strange way all this yellow tape moves in this car junk yard adds to the very creepy feel the movie has. Add that to the many many opening deaths that occur in very awful ways it is something to remember.

Then we have the family featuring the dad played by Tony Shalhoub who is also the actor who plays Adrian Monk. Seeing him in this movie is what initially really got me invested. I wanted to see the man who plays one of the most iconic characters ever play a whole different role.

Honestly, his role here wasn’t so dramatically different. His wife was also dead in this movie. He’s still acting scared even though in this movie there’s a more real threat then general germs like in Monk. He was still as steady and clear minded as he is in Monk.

What was cool and what I think most of the budget was spent on was the house. It’s massive and full of turning parts like a huge puzzle. Glass walls with words written on them are everywhere. If I had to guess most of the budget was spent on creating this for the movie. I gotta say they did a pretty awesome job with it.

I think the makeup done for the 13 ghosts was pretty much what you see at any six flags fright fest. Which is scary often, but it did make me analyze the film more in the way it was made rather being fully immersed in it, but again it is very much a product of that era of film so I’d say they did a pretty good job.

While there is quite a few glaring flaws of the film, I did very much enjoy watching it. I don’t really think any of them should have survived the film. The reasons for their survival were pretty chance based and so many more things could’ve gone wrong, but the ending was pretty neat.

Overall, I’d recommend this writers fever dream of an idea became real just for how unique it is. If you like early 2000’s horror films you’ll enjoy this movie.

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