Another fun movie night with my best friend last night. This time it was my choice and of course my excitement lead me to choosing ‘The Suicide Squad’. I knew the day before that this is what I wanted to watch and I’m very proud of my choice.

Looking at this poster, everything you need to know about this movie is right there. It was so much fun to watch. To my surprise, the same night my boyfriend texted me that he was watching this with his sister. I know he hasn’t seen any of the other movies related to this which is why I was shocked. This movie is definitely a stand alone so it didn’t matter. But, I was also excited cause I had already told my best friend I was going to watch this with her that night.

One thing this movie did was further increase my crush on Harley Quinn.

Harley’s growth is something I think everyone’s been talking about that’s seen the movie. She’s owned by no one and she saves herself and becomes more free in who she is as a person and I adore this for her! Every scene she was in was gold and watching her on the screen made me so happy. She’s witty and unpredictable and so strong and wild and free and one of the most amazing heroes in this film. I love her.

I now want a rat named Sebastian. This little guy I loved from the very beginning. He’s so adorable and has such a big personality. So many of the funniest and quirkiest moments in the film included him. I would die for Sebastian.

Rat catcher and Bloodsport had some of the most wholesome moments in the whole film. I wanted to give them both a hug so many times. I just adored them.

King shark a.k.a sharky boy or just sharky to me gave me so many laughs. I loved every moment he was on screen. He also caused some of the most gruesome deaths, but the balance he had as a character made me forgive him. I loved him too.

I thought at the beginning I wouldn’t care much about this character, but I did. His mom being everywhere was hilarious. Plus his power was so awesome looking. He was so fun to watch.

All in all, I absolutely had a blast watching the suicide squad. It’s a delightful film with dumb humor that was perfect for my heart. I’m definitely going to be rewatching in the future for the pure enjoyment of it.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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