For several months now I’ve been suffering the beginnings and then the full blown pains of tendinitis. It’s a work injury from doing the same things over and over again quickly without enough rest. Besides, also not having done too much besides ice it to help heal the injury.

Finally, my mom bought me a few things that all used in tandem will heal my wrist. The pain is all from inflammation in pretty much all the hand and wrist muscles.

First, I am icing my wrists with gel packs. This reduces inflammation.

Second, I will be using a blood flow stimulation therapy at the very least morning and night for the next coming months. This will allow blood flow while my wrist is resting and bring all the good stuff my wrists need to heal to the injured area. Also, allowing the bad stuff to be carried away from the area.

At work I’ll be using medical support tape to reduce strain on the tissue and prevent further injury. As well as taking Advil every 6 hours to reduce swelling and pain.

It feels daunting because I feel like it’ll take a good long time for healing to really take place. However, I have a plan. Which is well more then the just reduce pain as much as possible thing I was doing before. I’ve been pretty much just further hurting the injury for a long while.

Taking care of oneself is so important. Realizing your limits, mentally and physically and not pushing those boundaries when it’s only causing damage is important. We can do our best and strive for amazing things, but we also need to feel like we’re doing good for our bodies and minds too when burnout happens.

This is a lesson for myself as well as an excitement of finally.. one day soon my wrists will be pain free. I’ll be able to exercise with them again. Ill be able to do tasks freely without pain. I’ll feel like I can finally move forward and being more myself and doing things like yoga that make all of my body feel so good.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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