I watched this based off of Netflix picking something for me to watch one day. I gave it a chance and I found that I really enjoyed this cute and magical show.

This is a fantasy show that brought me back to feeling like a kid again. I adored elves and fairies and magic with all my heart. This show reignited that love and made me feel that joy again.

I love all the characters. Kyra the main character who thought she was human, but learned she was actually born a triling, part human, elf, and fairy. She learns how to control and harness her new power throughout the show.

Darra who is a complete cutie who is trying always to do his best for what’s right and doesn’t always show that directly. His sister Imogen who you feel like is a rebel, but she also just wants to do her best to do the right thing.

The fairies, Lily and Ruksy! Lily is an all around girly girl and is sweet as can be. Ruksy is bookish and quietly intelligent and is someone you always want rooting for you.

Kyra’s best friend is Peter. He always believed there’s something more to the world. Having a triling friend and learning about her new powers, he realizes he was right all along.

All together, this group learns about magic. Bravely contains it to keep it from the knowledge of humans and get into trouble along the way. It’s a light and fun show I’ve been happy to watch!

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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5 thoughts on “Watching: The Bureau of Magical Things: Season One

  1. Nice post. I watched the 1st season and it was really good. I am quite annoyed with nickelodeon though for removing the 2nd season only after half of the show. I really wanted to find out what happened such as who was Kyra’s biological father. I am convinced he is magical probably an elf. I also wanted to see her and darra get together. Have you seen H20 just add water ?

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