I have been a major horror movie kick recently. Wanting to dip my toes into classic horror films and also newer films too. I’ve felt like getting to know more about the different horror genres and enjoy all that horror has to offer.

So I started with a classic that I felt would be fun that I’d never seen before and that was the Scream films. Especially with the 5th movie coming out in January I thought it’d be appropriate.


The opening scene of this film is so good. The dialog is very entertaining and I think those first 5 minutes made the franchise. I think the first scream is the best of the four. All of them are meta, but I think it introduces everything so well and it’s funny and suspenseful throughout.

Scream 2

Scream 2 was a mixed bag for me. I liked it. I actually jumped during one part and it surprised me. It was very self aware and meta, but I also felt that it somewhat stopped being a parody of itself and became what it was parodying. I did think that the ending was interesting when the killers are revealed. I wasn’t really expecting it.

Scream 3

I feel like I felt similarly to scream 3 as scream 2. The problem is I’m not really remembering much of what happens in this film. Upon looking it up I did like this one more and feel it’s the better of the sequels. I liked who the killer was. I thought that final scene was very interesting. While not as iconic as the original it was good and entertaining.

Scream 4

I’m currently rewatching this one as I only half paid attention watching it the first time. I remembered the beginning pretty well, but the middle gets lost. Somehow even with me only having half paid attention it still feels way better to me then the second film. The extra meta in the beginning and then the way it ends. It was a lot of fun.

All in all:

This franchise is such a fun one. It’s very high in entertainment value, but it’s also not serious enough that you can’t be enjoying other things as well in the meantime. I’m really excited for the 5th movie and seeing how more modern technology changes the dynamics of this killer and what hi jinx ensues.

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