I feel like for the longest time now I’ve been just living my life without forcing myself to do or act or say anything I don’t want to. I do have to be honest because one of the things I hadn’t wanted to do was blog. I’d think that I wanted to, but it would urge on a sense of anxiety in my body to try and recreate that old routine of a time that is nothing like now.

However, I miss this. I also feel like it’s the place where my thoughts would be settled instead of chaos and where I connected with so many amazing people. So here I have returned.

One of the biggest changes of my life recently is becoming more of a gamer then any other hobby. I wanted to have the future of this blog reflect that. This month I was to talk about games and my journey into getting platinum trophies and explore that side of myself I’ve been having the most fun with recently.

A goal I have for this month is getting the platinum trophy in Batman Arkum Asylum. Next post I make is going to be detailing what I’ll have to do and my experience with it so far.

I’ll always love reading and writing and I know I’ll try to figure out how to add more of that to my schedule and balance my life more. However, I’m not pressuring myself to do any particular thing. Just what makes me happy. What makes me happy right now is to play video games.

The most important thing for me right now is to stay on top of my school work. So my classes will take number 1 priority. I’ve been trying to wake up early to do class work and it does help a lot with giving me more time in the day for other things.

All in all, September is going to be a test of a new era of blogging for myself. Talking about gaming and other things that I love and not forcing myself to do any one thing.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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