Figuring Things Out

So many of you know about the story I told the day before yesterday about my no good very bad day. However, in the aftermath of it all there is this huge mess and now I’m left with trying to shift through it all and figure out what the heck do I do going forward. 

One of the biggest things on my mind is that my crate business is not going to be able to be launched for August and all my planning for it is going to have to be put on the back burner for time being. This is one of my biggest angers about the whole ordeal. The fact that one of my biggest dreams for my future has to be put on hold because of a terrible thing my grandmother did and it leaves me extremely frustrated. The money I was planning to use for my crate is now going towards affording to purchase a car so that my family and I have freedom of travel (and compartment space for boxes and business stuff). 

For right now though travel is covered by using the bus. (Although thinking about groceries and how far we have to walk to get them gives me a headache). 

As far as mentally going forward, it’s a lot of those YouTube videos that puts a smile on my face and thinking about each moment of the day and the good things that are happening around me instead of the bad. I’ve been doing my best not to obsess over the situation and thinking about anything else. Also, books. Books are the best medicine. 

Right now my biggest hope is to take things one step at a time and to rest as much as I can. All of the kind comments I have been recieveing lift me up so much and I am so grateful to have such an amazing community to just be there for me and to be there for each other. 

Thank you all for reading! You all mean the world to me and I wish all the positive things in the world for all of you. 

-Till next time!

700 Followers!!!! Thank you!!

I feel as though I’m in a place in between my dreams and my reality where the things that I never knew could be possible happen. 700 is huge for me. I can’t believe that there are 700 human beings out there in the world that sat down with their device, hopped on WordPress, read some of my work and decided that they cared enough about what I write to want to hear more. 700 people in this world actually care about what I have to say and that’s huge. 

In my life, all I’ve ever wanted to be was a writer. I wanted to share my stories if only to impact one persons life and make just the slightest difference in this world. 

These past couple of weeks have been amoung the most trying of my entire life yet, somehow, somehow they’ve also been some of the weeks that have given me the most hope. 

All my life, I’ve lived with my God family. Well truly it started as a daycare situation that became so much more. My Gradmother, who had adopted me, was never made to be a mother, she never treated me right and leaving me with my God family is the best thing she has ever done for me. 

However recently, my grandmother has decided to stop supporting me. Me and my grandmother have always butted heads, but this, this was a new low. There have been financial struggles that have been going on with my God family for a very long time are still very much present, because of this things have felt like they were spiraling out of control. In the midst of this however I’ve found some wonderful beauty, I am switching schools so that I can work during the day, I actually have a job, I came up and made major steps towards creating The Raven Book Crate (which I am doing everything I can to fund. No matter what this Crate is going to exist. (I even have a release date *whispers August*)), and this 700 followers on my blog and I stop to think to myself that maybe just maybe what’s happening right now, the juxtaposition of good and bad is the place that will be the starting place for something even greater then I could ever imagine. 

I feel like crying right now. From exhaustion and fear and hope and insanity and love and joy and just the everythingness that is happening to me at the moment. I’m simply grateful. To every single one of you. Each read, like, comment, and follow tell me that my words matter, and that is the greatest gift I could ever receive in my life. 

Thank you. Thank you for existing. Thank you for inspiring me and for inspiring others. Thank you for doing all you do. Thank you thank you thank you! 

As always, let me know your thoughts down in the comments. I’m sending you all the love in my heart. 

-Till next time! 

The Raven Book Crate: Design Announcement 

So some of you may have already seen this, but I designed the box for my book crate! It is honestly the most professional looking thing I have ever created and I’m so proud of it! 

Along with the actual crate itself I have come up with the official idea for my very first crate and just thinking about it makes me smile! I can’t wait till I can start putting everything together! Little teasers and things will be sprinkled about here and there every once in a while till I can finally get this off the ground, but when it does I will have a product that I can be proud of and that I know all you book worms out there will love. 

Thank you all for being a part of this journey. This would have never been possible without your support and even though there is a lot of work yet to be done, I know that somehow, someway this will all become a reality. 

Let me know of any particular ideas of things you look for in a book crate. All suggestions are appreciated and will help me make this the best possible crate it could be. 

-Till next time!


I am so nervous to finally post this. This idea has been brewing in my mind for a long while and I finally fixed up a way to make it work. As you all know my heart and my everything is dedicated to books and given my passion for my blog, all that I am is dedicated to sharing that love and passion with all of you. 

My next step is something that I only ever dared to dream of doing in the confines and depths of my mind and one night at one in the morning I thought to myself that I should just go out there and do what I wish to. 

This is what became of it: 

This ya subscription box will be a theme based subscription box pairing a recently released ya novel and some bookish goodies, along with a specially made soy candle created with a book tailored scent by my sister Misty from The Candle Caffe. A special scent created in my own kitchen delivered straight to your door and to your hearts. 

However this subscription service will never get off the ground without your help! 

So please share this link:

If you can pledge any amount of money large or small it would be immensely appreciated, but what’s most important is the sharing. So annoy your friends and family, your teachers, your coworkers, and distant Facebook and twitter friends. I have one month to reach my goal or all is lost. My future is in your hands! Please help me make my dream a reality!

Thank you all for reading and for your help no matter what form it may take. This project means the world to me and to be able to physically put into action something that still feels like a fantasy would bring me such immeasurable amounts of joy. As always let me know your thoughts and ideas. 

Nervous yet excited, yours truly,

Tiana Wolfe

-Till next time! 

Who am I? The Blogger Behind The Book Raven + 600 Followers!

Hello everyone! 

I say this during every milestone, but this is absolutely insane! 600 followers is something that I could only dream about and I never ever in a million years expected for this to happen so soon! Thank you so very much for your continued support and I am so proud to be something that I love so much every single day. I am so honored to be a part of such a wonderful community and every single one of you makes me feel so humbled to think that you would enjoy my content and comment and converse with me regularly. It is such an amazing feeling that has made me so happy these past few months.

It has been a bit more then 5 months since I started blogging and a much as I feel like many of you know little tid bits and things about me I feel like its time I shared a little bit more and have you all get to know me a bit better,

So, my name is Tiana Wolfe I am 18 years old and I have the compasity to love most everything. Seriously you could talk to me about pretty much anything and I can find a way to see the positives of it. Of course their are things I dislike (a.k.a seafood and anything that hurts anything else) but I see things as there is a reason for everything and I have no reason to judge anyone else for their beliefs. 

I am also pretty calm most of the time. I go with the flow with pretty much everything. I don’t believe in planning out anything. I find that planning stresses me out especially because nothing ever goes according to plan. I think of life as when things happen they will happen and it’s how you react that matters and not much else. 

A story I tell to pretty much everyone I meet: 

When I wass about 8 years old my grandmother took me to Arizona to her friends house for a couple of days. On the day before we left I woke up and went to the kitchen to eat and hugged the beautiful Boarder Collie my grandma’s friend had. The other dog, a Rottweiler, in the house walked into the kitchen and the Border Collie tensed and all of a sudden I was being pulled back by grandmother and all of a sudden I see blood and my grandma freaks out. When my grandma pulled me back the Border Collie’s teeth just caught my eyelid and it tore just grazing my eye. I ended up having to get stitches and now all I have to show for it is one missing eyelashes, I can never forget how lucky I was. I could have lost my sight so easily that day and I am so fortunate that I didn’t. Also, being in the middle of nowhere was a disaster. We went to an medical center on a reservation that cleaned it up and forty minutes later we arrived at the hospital. 

However, my first concern after I got the bite was not for myself. My grandmother has a tendency to get really upset when animals act differently from the way she wants them too and I was afraid that she would have the collie put down. So everywhere we went from the reservation, to the hospital, on the way back to the house in the car I made sure to keep saying it wasn’t the dogs fault. Thankfully, my grandmother didn’t do anything to the dog. My insistence about it being a total accident just might have saved the dogs life. 

Things I love most:

Animals of every shape and form. I watched Animal Planet a lot as a kid and I fell in love with the beautiful creatures that God put on this earth. I have 0 fear of a majority of animals and I know that there are so many creatures that have the ability to cause major harm so I give those animals the respect they deserve and admire them from afar. 

Stories! Of course you all know of my love for stories. They are the very reason for the existence of this blog. No matter if it’s a movie, book, or painting I love how everything is their to tell you a story about life in someway. 

I love art, but mostly I love watching people create art. There is something mesmerizing and beautiful about seeing something that comes directly from someone’s heart form exactly they want it to in whatever medium they choose. I find it all fascinating. I’m terrible at art so I find others with artistic ability to be amazing human beings. 

Culture is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. The way different people act with one another is so amazing to me and I love how unique everyone is. Diversity is so important and accurate representation in all things helps make the world a better place. 

I love nature in general. Walking outside when the air is fresh or enjoying lying on the grass under the shade of a tree is so relaxing to me. Often if I’m walking anywhere with plants nearby I will reach out and touch the leaves. It helps me stay connected to myself and to what’s around me, it makes me feel calm. 

Music, I love pretty much all types of music. Anything that has a nice beat to it that I can dance to I enjoy. I can find a way to dance to most everything so I’m usually content with most things I hear. I especially love Edm though, Electronic Dance Music holds a special place in my heart. 

I love God. I don’t talk about it too much, but I am religious. I don’t go to church or anything like that, but I do believe in God and I feel his presence in my life everyday. 

My family. My family comes first for absolutely everything. We have fought so hard to stay together over these past 18 years that our bond has grown stronger then it ever could have otherwise. Their love has shaped me to be the person I am today and I could never thank them for their presence in my life enough. 

So that’s about it! This certainly isn’t everything, but I think I got out all the most important parts. I hope you got a clearer insight into who I am and what my passions are. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

My question for you is: What things in this world make you happy? 

-Till next time!

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It feels like a lifetime has passed. I have heard for many ages that Bloglovin’ is the place to be and me being me I simply continued on my happy life without it, but the Bloglovin’ train has become so sparkly and interesting that I decided to put on my big girl panties and take the time to join on in!

I feel like a lot of my hesitation surrounds the fact that I still consider myself a baby blogger and Bloglovin’ was a shiny and wondrous place that I was not quite prepared to face yet. However, I am no longer afraid I am ready to grow as a blogger and join in on this amazing platform.

So click this link to follow me on my journey in the wonders of bloglovin’ and the wonders of blogging itself.

Thanks for reading this short little post. I honestly don’t know why I waited so long to join this site, but now that I have I am so excited to see what doors will open up for me… mainly those who do not have WordPress blogs that I wanted to follow, but couldn’t really before! I want to take this time to thank every single one of you for being amazing and supporting me every day on my blogging journey. Without you, I don’t know where I would be.

Till next time!



Reading Carve The Mark: A Study in Ethics

I am entering the war and seeing what the deal is with Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth. 

To preface this I must first say that I choose to read this book because I honestly want to see what I can learn from it as a writer and as a human being and to see how many issues that have reflected in this book will make themselves known to me. 

I also would like to say I have a research paper to write for my college ethical systems class and after all the talk about this book I wanted to give it a go and see what I took from it and what kind of discussion I can develop from the narrative. I am going into this book with the full knowledge of the issues that have been discussed and I want to delve in and create my own informed opinion. 

The paper is due at the end of April and so I will be starting my reading now and taking extensive notes and searching for in-depth information on the topic and how harmful it may or may not be. This discussion will touch on either the themes of race, self-harm, or chronic pain. 

I do not yet know what argument I will be making and I do not yet know how this will be received. What I am curious about is if any of you would be interested in reading the paper or having a shorter version of it posted as a discussion on this blog. 

I also would like to know if there are any sources or discussions you have read about the book that could be of help to me in writing this paper. I know that this is a particularly emotionally triggering book and that there have been so many passionate voices on this topic. Please be kind and thoughtful in the comments. 

Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts and musings on this book. If you have read Carve The Mark, let me know your point of view. Your perspectives all are so helpful for me. I learn so much from all of you it’s amazing! 

-Till next time!

Ohh My Goodness!!! I’m a Book Depository Affiliate!

Ohh my goodness gracious! This is so amazing! I am now a Book Depository Affiliate! 

I wasn’t sure I was going to be approved or not, but I was and I couldn’t be happier about it! 

To help me out and to purchase some awesome books, please click the link here:

Thank you all for the wonderful support you have given me from the very start! I wouldn’t have half the opportunities that have presented themselves to me in recent months without all of the love I have been given through this blog that I put all of my heart into, The Book Raven. 

You are all amazing. Stay awesome, Stay Beautiful and Handsome, and most importantly, Stay you!

-Till next time!