Burning Out 

University, homework, trying to stay fit, keeping up with the blog, reading as much as possible, writing, commenting on other bloggers posts, and dealing with all the punches life gives, I am having an emotional burn out. This isn’t to say I’m running out of ideas (in fact, I am suffering from having too many) or even that I’m unhappy with all I have to do. Just that I’m running low on gas and I need to find a way to refill, refresh, and revitalize myself. 

I put all this pressure on myself to keep chugging along and because all my dreams and ideas pop up so quickly and frequently and I am not a very organized person, I have overloaded myself and I am reaching a breaking point. I’m taking this time to reflect and put together my thoughts, to see what I can do to ease this self-inflicted problem. 

  1. Write down a schedule for posts/ organize post types and times better
  2. Stick to that schedule
  3. Start writing extra posts when the time presents itself (especially tags/awards)
  4. Do all homework asap (I don’t procrastinate too much on homework, but it can pile up if I’m not careful)
  5. Stop watching so much YouTube (YouTube sucks away my time more then anything else) 
  6. Read books during the time I would be watching YouTube
  7. Continue exercises (I’ve actually been working out way more often recently!)
  8. Do my best not to fear the writing process
  9. Try not to stress out so much when things don’t pan out quite right 
  10. Try not to be so hard on myself 
  11. Go with the flow 
  12. Just keep swimming!

I promise you, lovely reader, that I am not giving up! Just the opposite, I am working to revamp myself so I am more productive then ever. My schedule at the moment is all over the place and I will do everything I can to give more of my time to what’s important and less on empty calories (i.e. YouTube). I want to create a better life for myself that is balanced and happy. It will be a bumpy road, but everyday comes with new challenges and improvements. I know that good things are coming sooner then I perceive it to be. 
Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have any tips and ideas for me in the comments. I hope to be back on track very soon!

Till next time!