Books of Christmas Future 2017

I have journeyed through Chritmas Past and gave thanks for Chritmas Present, but one has to wonder, what books will be brought in for Christmas future? 

The future is like a misty cloud that slowly becomes unveiled with every second going forward. I have no idea what will happen, but I hope that it will be wonderful. 

For future Christmas 2017 I hope to give as well as recieve books that have much meaning for me. 

What will I find under that non-existent Christmas tree a year from now? 

Will it be an Ellen Hopkins book? 

Or pretty BitterBlue? 

Will it be something old?

Or something new? 

Will there be Christmas stories? 

Or haunted pages to be had?

Will there be tales of love? 

Or glorious fantasies to be read?

I hope there will be some lovely diversity. 

Maybe even a non-fiction? 

Some historic sights to be seen.

Maybe some crime?

Maybe poetic diction?

One things for sure, I do not know yet what next Christmas future will bring, but I know that whatever it is I will love it and I will be well…happy. 

Thank you so much for reading? What kinds of books are you looking forward to reading more of? What do you think will be a part of your Christmas future?

-Till next time!