A Bookish Candle Connection 

A little special something I’ve been hiding behind dark corners since even before this blog began is that my sister and I are proud owners of a Candle business called ‘The Candle Caffe‘. We handpour 100% natural scented soy candles made in small batches with love in our hearts. 

I kept it seperate from the blog because I got the odd sensation that it wasn’t quite the right time to mention it nor did I know quite how to bring it up. However, I am feeling like my worries were poorly rendered and I had no reason to fear, and pretty soon, it will have a Bookish touch for all you lovely book-lovers like me! 😉

Here is the first of my personal Bookish touches: 

The second is a candle called Dragon’s Blood that smells so amazing I just want to smell it all day long! It reminds me of fantasy lands and enjoying an adventure. I can’t wait to take some Bookish pictures for that candle! 

If your interested, here is our list of scents: 

French Lavender 


Eucalyptus & Spearmint 

Lemon Verbena 


Frankincense & Myrrh

Nag Champa 

Sweet Pea 


Lavender Sage 

Dragon’s Blood



Orange Chili Pepper 

I honestly love all our scents and I am simply the kind of person that loves candles in general. We always have a candle burning in the house and it always smells so good! 
Thanks for reading! I know this isn’t the typical post that you would see from me but, I simply felt like sharing something I am incredibly proud of. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you like candles I hope you check out The Candle Caffe! 🙂

-Till next time! 

Returning to the Craft I Love 

Days and nights have passed by without cause. I have done nothing. Written nothing. For over a week. No more! 

I told myself when I started this blog that I would never neglect it. That it would be the catalyst that would allow me to write every single day. To have neglected it this long makes me sad. Yet, I know why I stopped. 

I have being paying more and more attention to the atrocities of the world. So much so, that I escaped in my mind into a depression that made me feel like writing at this time would be worthless. It felt like it would be hypocritical of me to write and be happy, when so many others in this world are going through times of dispare. 

How wrong I was. The entire time I wasn’t writing I would go about my day, watching YouTube videos, tv shows, and playing video games, never thinking about doing something to combat the pain that I felt for the disparity of the world that I had opened my eyes to. This is what breaks my heart. 

I have a passion and love for writing and I wasn’t using it to try to heal. To try and inspire action. To try to give myself and others hope. 

No more! 

No matter how I feel. No matter how broken my heart. I vow not to leave the craft that I love behind. 

Words are my weapon of choice. The salve I choose to heal. The voice I choose to use to inspire. I will not abandon them again. To abandon words, is to abandon myself. For I am a collage of the words I use, spoken, written, or otherwise. 

So I say to you, I am back, and I am writing! The time may not have been long, but any time at all is too long a time for me to have been away. 


I want to say thank you to you dear reader, not just for reading my post, but for just being you. We never know the affect we have on one another. We never know how important we are to one another’s lives. So I thank you for being here. For being the wonderful human being that you are. For being someone’s role model, someone’s angel, someone’s voice of reason, someone’s confidant, someone’s friend. Keep being you, my friend, keep being you! 

These are the words swimming in my mind that inspired this post Tyler Knott Gregson, Thank you!

-Till Next Time!