The YA Sociopath: Why So Few Books?

Last night I went down a rabbit hole. I decided to watch the first few videos of Shane Dawson’s documentary about Jake Paul. In it, Shane touches on something that fascinates me, sociopaths. What it is. How many people have it. Some say 1 in 25. Some say 1 in 100. Really I should mention that there is a spectrum and 1 in 25 to 100 would fall somewhere on that spectrum.

The idea of someone who doesn’t know how to feel emotions. Who lives there life with different masks. Who are charismatic and enjoyable to be around. Master manipulators. That’s fascinating. However, I do need to point out that I don’t know much about this. It’s why I wish there were more ya that touched on this in a way that didn’t make them all out to be serial killers. Because most sociopaths aren’t serial killers. Apparently, they are often some of the world’s most successful people as well as the most liked.

The only ya book I found that has a sociopath main character that isn’t also a killer is ‘Don’t You Trust Me?’ By Patrice Kindl. Here is the link to the article I found this book on.

Patrice Kindl, best known for her romantic historical novels, steps into a new genre in this tale of a conniving teenager. Fifteen-year-old Morgan is blonde, blue eyed, and possesses a winning smile that instantly wins her the trust of everyone in the room. Oh, and she’s most definitely a sociopath. Emotions like love and fear are foreign to her, and she can’t recall ever having a conscience. When her parents ship her off to a school for troubled teens, she’s confident she can weasel her way out of it. That’s when she meets Janelle, a sobbing mess of a girl being torn from her boyfriend and sent to live with relatives she hasn’t seen since childhood. Originally dismissive of the other girl, Morgan changes her tune once she hears Janelle’s story and proposes that they switch places. Janelle runs off with her boyfriend, and Morgan settles in with a wealthy family who doesn’t have a clue that she isn’t their niece. Let the games begin. Fans of unreliable narrators and bad girls will eat this up.

Even still, the book above is a thriller in a sense. Just not one about a killer. If sociopaths are so common, why isn’t there more books written about them? I’m not talking thrillers and horror stories. I’m talking real world contemporary.. even historical, fantasy, etc. There has to be writers out there who are sociopaths. Who know what it’s like to live inside their own minds. Why not write a story more true to themselves?

I’m not trying to think of this as some sort of controversy. I’m just a fascinated person whose curiosity leads me to wanting to understand others who live lives totally unlike my own. Be it mentally, ethnically, of a different sexuality, or disability. I like to learn about these things, because not only does it make me more aware, but it makes it so I can be more compassionate and understanding. Realizing that sociopathic tendencies affect a ton more people then I ever realized was a huge eyeopener into a world that the majority of us cannot ever fully understand.

Thanks for reading! If you know any other books that are not thrillers that have a sociopathic main character let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this!

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Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness 

When I feel low and everything feels like it’s crumbling around me, I do everything in my power to find a way to see the light. Then, once everything starts to get better I sit back and wonder about the time that came before. I ponder my actions and others and I think about how I could have reacted differently. 

Then I think about the darkness. The negativity, the anger, the emotions I wish would drip away from me instead of stick to me like gross syrup. I wonder if it’s really true that all my negative experiences have made me a better me, or if life is just the way it is and that’s all there is. I like to hope that is not the case. That we all really are shining lights that burn brighter because of the dark, because we wish to act against injustice and do more for those around us. 

Thanks for reading! This is simply a short musing I just happened to be thinking about at the moment. 

-Till next time! 

An Anecdote

We are 65% water 16% straight fat

19% Other and those are straight facts

There is no measurement for ideals

No measurement for compassion

No way to stitch inside us our likes our passions

No way to tell our favorites from the dark matter 

living inside our skulls. Hidden away to be kept safe

If we only idolize what we can see 

and we can’t surmise our beliefs from our beating hearts

does it exist, or even matter? In this era of mechanical love
Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about this poem in the comments below. 

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What is Reality? 

“There is no such thing as originality.”

Gone is going towards the thing you’ve always wanted most.

Wind is the thing that feels best when your going against it.

Time is a ticking clock that is there but always forgotten.

Society is a word built and reinforced by a group of people with no individuals. 

A mug is the half-filled cup you sipped one night.  Made empty when my eyes opened and I turned alone in my bed and you were gone again.

Sucks that I was never the person you wanted most. 
Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments! I don’t know why, but I’m really happy with myself for this one. I hope you enjoyed. 

-Till next time! 


Tiptoe across creaking stepping stones 

Quiet is a privilege for the wicked 

Taking the hidden route between empty walls

To meet the one with the ticket 

Gone with no light to brighten the path

Nothing to help the young flee 

To see the love the other half 

Of a woman who had never been free

What gossip would ensue if others knew 

Of the two lovers little rendezvous 

Gone would be their hideaway

But no pensive worry would come to pass

When all that matters is a love that would last 

In a time of medieval gain
Thank you all for reading! Let me know you thoughts in the comments.

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National Poetry Month: Sonnet 130

Shakespeare intrigues me. He intrigues me in the way that if he was alive today I would befriend him and find that he is probably the mixture of a geek and a dork and I would love that. I say this because from my minimal experience of his work has lead me to that conclusion. He seems to lack a bit of tact though he is not without wit and he has a sense of humor about him. 

This Sonnet is the embodiment of who I believe Shakespeare to be. He teases his love in this peace and in no small way I adore him for it. The couples I love tend to tease one another in this sort of way and it feels so warm to me to think that Shakespeare acted in this way as well. 
Thank you all for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I know this is a bit of a weird post, but I’ve been thinking about mister Shakespeare quite a bit lately and this was one of the things I would think about most. 

Also I’m curious, what are your thoughts on Romeo and Juliet? I haven’t read it, but I’m on the fence about weather or not I should give it a chance. 

-Till next time! 

Late Night Thoughts: Obsession

We are all obsessed with the idea of creating something new of ourselves. Never imagining that who we are now as we look into the reflective nature of our eyes might just be ok. 

We are all obsessed with the next best thing to hold on to. The next shiny thing that captures our attention till we tire and let go. 

We are all obsessed with what is different. Wishing to be different then scoring it when we detect someone or something that is too out of the box outside of ourselves. 

As human we obsess, over our worries, our fears, our troubles, and what makes us who we are. What would happen if we decided to let it all go? 

What would remain of ourselves if we decided that we were ok with just being and letting others simply be? Would we lose ourselves? Or would we gain something from it? Or would it not amount to a single thing? 

We are our obsessions, because what we think about with every breath we breathe changes how we act and how we see the light outside of us. How we chose to react to the dark. 

We are all obsessed… and I don’t know what to make of it. 

Late night thoughts. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you make of this. It’s not exactly poetry, but more of a string of thought. I am really interested to find out what kind of discussion this could create. 

-Till next time! 

Dark Abode 

Dark Abode 
A place I visit in my dreams

Dark and frightening as it may be

Haunts me, yet calls to me 

beaconing for me to walk up its desolate path 
A home of the forgotten 

A place for the weak 

Where demons roam freely 

They call to me 
I try to run away 

But the seduction is sweet 

A curiosity that burns

To know more of its ways
I walk deeper In the woods

The path abandoned 

It swallows me whole 

I’m trapped forever 
I run to find an exit 

Till no light can be found 

I curl into a ball to sleep 

On the steps of the dark abode

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the creepiness of this poem. Something about darkness has always intrigued me and I felt like writing something that encapsulated that connection I feel with darker works. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Next month is National Poetry Writing Month as well as Camp Nanowrimo and I can’t help but feel like writing a lot more poetry. Even before the month begins. 

-Till next time!