1,500 FOLLOWERS! Appreciation Post

Yesterday I reached over 1,500 followers and just the thought of so many people enjoying my posts and all that I have to say feels incredible.

So I want to say thank you to all the bloggers and all the people who have encouraged me and been a part of this amazing journey in my life. I really can’t do enough to thank you for the joys that you have all brought to my life.

At this point, I am definitely reevaluating how I am doing posts and I’m thinking of switching things up real soon. I have been trying really hard to find a good balance for all things in my life with all that I want to accomplish and I simply have not yet found that balance.

I will be doing something special for all of you really soon for my 1st year anniversary in October to show my gratitude for this amazing community.

As always, Thanks for reading!

-Till next time!