Love Trumps Hate 

This is the world we live in

Full of lives 

Full of ideas 

Full of mothers and fathers 

Children and teachers 

Millions of people 

Joined together today

To share their voice 

To take each other’s hand 

To walk together 

Against the ideals of one man 

It was a walk against Hate 

A walk to celebrate diversity

To show we are here for one another 

As much as we can be 

It was a beautiful day 

Opening the door for many more

For us to continue to work together 

I am excited for what’s in store

It was a fight for all races 

A fight for total equality

A fight to show we will not rest

Until all people can go on peacefully 

Until the world is filled with unity

Acceptance for all

We must not wallow in despair 

We must be vocal

We must stand tall 

In this world 

We have one common uniter 

The love we share with one another 

A true compassion for our fellow people 

We must never forget 

What was fought for on this day

Because love trumps hate 

No matter what century or place

I am awed and inspired by the sheer numbers of people that protested for their beliefs today. My one regret is that I could not personally attend, and so this post is my thank you to all who did. I felt tears in my eyes as I looked at countless photographs and heard the many speeches of those who joined the march. I have never been prouder of humanity, this fight gives me so much hope. There is work yet to be done, and this is only a beginning. I can’t wait to see the beauty of what this future will bring. 

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

-Till next time!

Happy New Year!! 2017

2016 is now officially at an end and there is so much hope for the future to be had. All the best wishes to all for a wonderful, happy, and amazing 2017! 

Live life fully, do your best, and stay positive. It is up to every single individual to come together to make this year a wonderful one for everyone! Stay inspired, stay you, be the person you always were meant to be. 

Happy New Year! There is a long road ahead, it is now time to embark on a brand new path to invent a better life for us all. 

With all my heart, I wish for a more diverse, inclusive, and magical 2017. 

-Till next time!

Books of Christmas Future 2017

I have journeyed through Chritmas Past and gave thanks for Chritmas Present, but one has to wonder, what books will be brought in for Christmas future? 

The future is like a misty cloud that slowly becomes unveiled with every second going forward. I have no idea what will happen, but I hope that it will be wonderful. 

For future Christmas 2017 I hope to give as well as recieve books that have much meaning for me. 

What will I find under that non-existent Christmas tree a year from now? 

Will it be an Ellen Hopkins book? 

Or pretty BitterBlue? 

Will it be something old?

Or something new? 

Will there be Christmas stories? 

Or haunted pages to be had?

Will there be tales of love? 

Or glorious fantasies to be read?

I hope there will be some lovely diversity. 

Maybe even a non-fiction? 

Some historic sights to be seen.

Maybe some crime?

Maybe poetic diction?

One things for sure, I do not know yet what next Christmas future will bring, but I know that whatever it is I will love it and I will be well…happy. 

Thank you so much for reading? What kinds of books are you looking forward to reading more of? What do you think will be a part of your Christmas future?

-Till next time!

Christmas Lights Strung in the Sky

A burst of energy exploding, imploding in the sky,

The fire glitters 

The air electrified 

By a gorgeous explosion way up high

It feels so humbling 

Standing amongst the crowd 

We are all dazzled 

By the same bright cloud 

It’s Christmas time 

And we are all here 

Listening to this music 

Watching the cloud burst and disappear 

What an amazing sight to see 

Surrounded by strangers and family 

All hoping that this memory 

Will be one to brighten future days 

“There’s a lollipop in the sky” 

A young child cries 

And that’s when I know 

That the magic in this light 

Comes from the inside 

That we stand here to be amazed 

On this winter holiday 

To feel closer to true imagined spirit

That is real because we think it to be 

And to forget for once in our lives 

That reality is the burden weighing heavily on our lives 

So we listen to these songs 

Watching the lights dance along 

To fill our hearts with joy 

To carry along for future days
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! 

Till next time!

An Open Letter to my Future Self: Birthday Post

Dear Tiana, 

Today was December 17, 2016 and you had just turned 18 years old. You know how long you had waited for this day. At this moment, I don’t even know what to think. 

By now 10 years have passed and I hope they have been wonderful. You better have  been keeping up with your writing! I definitely hope you got into a writing routine and have finished several books by now. You, at this moment, are 28 years old. What are you doing right now? I wonder what people you have met. Are you published? You better be published. I know it’s hard, I’ve already tried, but you better not be throwing excuses at me. 

Also, I hope you know I love you. Which I guess is a slight bit pretentious because your technically me, but if you need some extra love I got your back! 

Future me. I figure the past 10 years have been pretty crazy. I figure you’ve had pleanty of rough patches and many wonderful times, but I hope you stay true to yourself. I hope that your still with family. That you didn’t argue as much as you know I have. Family is never perfect. We both know this very well, so, spread some love. 

Are you still blogging? Daily blogging? You better be. You most definitely better be reading. My God, if your not reading I will take over your body and smack you. If you are still reading… then that’s a crisis averted. You still have some sense in you. 

Please tell me that you choose not to be lazy and actually do some exercises. I swear, I know I haven’t been good at it, but I know that needs to change and I hope you are the changed, healithier version of the me today. 

Also, did you ever start a book tube account? I would be really proud of you if you did, but if you didn’t that’s ok. As long as your still blogging. I’m really harping you about that. It’s just, you know how much it meant for me to start writing a blog. You know how much I wanted to do some good with it. If anything, I hope that’s still the Number one most important thing to you, to do some good to combat the bad. 

Future me, I hope you remembered to read this. I hope that this is something that makes you smile. I have so much hope for you. Please continue following our dreams. Remember as I’ve meantioned before, do some good, make people happy, don’t argue, don’t get mad, getting mad is useless because it accomplishes only more anger, happiness is living in the moment and doing and being good, spread the love, and be you! You have the potential to be better than you could ever imagine. I feel that at the bottom of our soul. 

With much self-love and healing, 

Tiana Wolfe

P.S. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Love you!! 🎉🤗

If you are me and your reading this, I am proud of you. If you are another reader, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! What message do you have for your future self?

-Till next time!