The #1 Best Quote: According to Brainy Quote 

I love quotes and I was curious to see what the number one quote would even be and how interested in it I would actually be. 

The following is the #1 quote on brainyquote: 

The quote I did find to be beautiful. I can understand why it would be #1 even if there are hundreds of quotes that I might resonate with more closely then even this one. It is the truth of it or rather the cliche of it that gets to me. It is meant to be powerful and it is but after a long time of hearing things like this it grows hollow, but then cliches feel like cliches only because they are so popular. It starts to feel like words for everyone and not words for yourself. 

Words are powerful and some words empower masses, but if you can empower just one person by your words alone you have something special within you. I have many words that have been said to me that I carry around in my belly like other good foods. The best words are nourishment for the heart and Hellen Keller’s are certainly just that. 

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