Let’s Talk About Fall

This is a 100% random post in every way shape and form, but it’s what I felt like talking about so it’s what will exist.

I woke up this morning, put on some new earrings (of which I now deem my October earrings) and thought to myself ‘Man I really miss the fall’. Before I wasn’t really sure what my favorite season was. I thought maybe summer or winter, but now I know in reality it’s fall.

I love the fall weather. I love how cosy it is. I love that it’s the time where you curl up with a cup of coffee and just sit and enjoy the cooler weather. I love how spooky it is. I love that Halloween is right around the corner. I love the excuse to celebrate the darker parts of life and reveal in them instead of hiding from them. I think I’m in love with fall.

I always get this amazing creative energy spike in the fall. I enjoy having the permission to explore the darker parts of my mind in a healthy way and sharing scary stories with others as well as creating them.

One of my favorite things to do is watch people play horror games online and there’s always a ton of them available to watch in the fall months. Games like FNAF, Doki Doki Literature Club, Until Dawn, and the hundreds of smaller indie games Youtubers play as one-offs.

Honestly, fall is the best.

Thanks for reading! This was a short and random post from me. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

Life Update: Please Send Well-wishes/Prayers

Hi everyone.

My dad has been sick for a while and we finally took him to the hospital yesterday. It was lucky we did because his kidneys were beginning to fail. We arrived at the hospital at 11 and spent over 11 hours as they worked in emergency to save him and transferred him over to be admitted into the hospital.

I just want him to be well.

We are headed over there early today to be there for him for whatever he needs. Just seeing him in the hospital looking so small, so delicate… I would love for him to be home and well as soon as possible.

They haven’t fixed the cause of the almost failure, but the doctors are working on figuring out what went wrong.

I’m not sure how I’ll be able to keep doing all the things I have been doing, but I know that my mom wants me to continue normally as much as possible. As for posting I might be more sporadic then usual… or I might throw myself into things more because it’s a great distraction from getting really depressed.

Anyway, I am emotionally and physically tired and I am just hoping for any prayers I can get. It’s so hard seeing the man I love so much, my dad, looking like a small shell of his former being.

Thanks for reading.

-Till next time.

Why New Years Resolutions Are BS

Now you may be wondering, Tiana ‘why in the world are you writing this? It’s no where near New Years. It’s the middle of the year. What are you doing?’ To which I would reply with simply, ‘I was thinking about this. I got angry. I had to share my thoughts with all of you.’

Anyway the why I am writing this is not the point. The point is that New Years comes every year and every year people choose to commit to being a ‘new me’. We all want to eat better, loose weight, read more, write more, drink more water, but the trouble is with all that good intention it’s easy to commit to it for a short while, but once you stop progressing it’s super easy to start regressing.

I feel like the time of the beginning of the year or the beginning of the month always seem like easy good times to think about and create goals, but as good as it is to have a plan to do better.. I think it might be more important to have a plan to keep going or to allow yourself to make adjustments when life happens. Changing small before changing big and being able to edit how you tackle your days as needed.

Figuring this out for myself was so crucial in my ability to keep bouncing back after giving in to temptation. I have given myself so many do-overs and changed things many different times until I had what I really wanted to do figured out. Right now, I know I have work M-F that doesn’t change. I know that I want to loose weight. That I want to be an author and never stop writing for this blog. I know that I want to be able to speak and read in other languages. Most importantly, I know I never want to stop reading.

These goals have become a set sort of aspirations for me. Every year at New Years, I try to create a way of me incorporating everything, but I always get the portion sizes wrong. When I stopped thinking of tackling goals as a specific thing that happens within a year or a month. When I stopped thinking about wanting a specific result that must happen in a specific amount of time or else I have failed completely and started to think about things day to day in the present. I began to make and see real progress.

Right now, I have begun to exercise. I write for this blog more then I ever have before. I’ve begun to really get a set understanding of Spanish (though I have a long way to go). I’ve written poetry everyday. I’ve began to write for my current WIP everyday and it is now at over 14,000 words which is something I’m very proud of. I have begun a mindfulness practice that has helped me stay calm and change my perspective. Plus, I’ve finally let myself have the time to actually sit down and watch a movie with my family instead of continuously watching YouTube video after YouTube video. My reading has been cut down to an hour a day, but honestly I have found that it is enough for me (plus I let myself read more when I find extra time).

I know that the way I do things now will change as I get older. I know that life will lead me to make time for more languages and more writing. One day, I hope that Writing would be my career. That instead of writing my 500 words in 30 minutes and having a goal to finish first drafts in 3 months might transform to me writing for an hour to several hours everyday and having it be my career. But for now I am making slow daily progress towards everything I would like to be. The important thing that it is progress. That it’s something I don’t give up on because I restart again and again each morning when I wake up. That I don’t look back on yesterday as success or failure, but look forward to what I can do today in this moment.

That is why I consider New Years resolutions to be BS. Yes they are inherently good. Yes for some they can even work, but for the majority of us changing our routines too quickly just doesn’t work. Allowing yourself to change gradually is super important. Figuring out what you want for yourself and making realistic small goals you can accomplish each day and being able to change them as needed without guilt is important. In this world there is no other time then now.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about this down in the comments below. What are your dreams and aspirations?

-Till next time!

Let’s Talk: Reviews

Part of being a book blogger means that inevitably your going to be writing book reviews and lots of them. It’s not something that should be a surprise to anyone as it is written in the laws of hobby description. It’s simple, read book, love/hate book, create opinion about book, share your opinion. It’s an easy formula that I have followed again and again seemingly without end.

However, being a prolific reader who finishes books often reviews become more then just something I do. They become essential yet tiring. I get tired when I write book reviews. It’s not that I don’t want to write them or even that they can’t be fun, but doing them so often can drain me. I am a person that hates too much repetition. I like to have many other kinds of posts to balance out the many reviews that I write. Plus, I think that my blog is more engaging and interesting when I do something different more often then I don’t.

However, I will never stop writing reviews. (Unless authors aren’t allowed to write reviews and I get published someday… idk how this works). Reviews can make or break an authors sales. People turn to reviews to figure out if I book is worth there time and money. Hence why arcs and Netgalley are important to start up conversation about the newest titles.

Another thing too. Authors put so much of there hearts and souls into there novels (not to mention time). Weather I actually like the book or not feels like something I owe it to them to say. However, I just wish that the feeling of not wanting to write them wouldn’t happen so often when I write too many of them in succession.

Thanks for reading! How do you feel about reviews? Let me know down in the comments!

-Till next time!

Let’s Talk

Talk to the lady at the right of you 

She will tell you what you need to know 

I’m not joking seriously talk to her…. 

maybe you would learn something for once

Hearing and listening are two very different things 

Everyone hears mostly everything 

But it’s easy to set your mode to basic where 

time and vibration weave in and out

So listen to me and to talk to the woman on your right side

Really talk 

Nothing’s worse then small talk 

How’s the weather today? Isn’t wonderful… it’s 100 degrees we are both drenched, but isn’t it beautiful? How are you? I’m fine. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Bye bye. 

No. The weather outside is not nice.  I am not feeling ok. Nice to meet you? I don’t know you… I don’t know what to think about you and I never will with all this machine pleasent talk. Bye? 

Let’s get real with each other. Let’s make it ok to be open. Let’s not feel shame about our hardship, because I can guarantee everyone has or going through something. Let our connection twine deeper. Don’t let ok just be ok. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little poem. It was a fun little thing to write. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. 

-Till next time!

Goodreads, Posting Star Ratings on Books you Haven’t Read: A Discussion

I’ve been checking out Goodreads reviews a lot more lately and I’ve noticed a trend happening that made me look up my ceiling and wonder why? The Goodreads reading and reviewing system works it’s best when reviewer do their part and rate books they spent hours reading and reading so they could share their thoughts. However, the integrity of that system is lost when people start rating books they never read a word of. 

This is a trend that I’m simply NOT ok with. For one thing this is a matter of respect. Of respecting authors and frankly other reviewers that may or may not be interested in a book but then see the sea of 1 stars from people who haven’t even read the book and think “That book must be terrible there is no way I’m reading that.” You cannot judge a book that you have not read. You might be able to see if you are interested in it based on reviews, blurbs, the author, and the cover itself, but you CANNOT rate it if you never took the time to open the book and read it. 

This goes for those who rate a book 5 stars without having read it as well. It is a false rating of the book and messes with the average rating that would be a helpful score for people to look at if only those who read the book actually rated it. 

The worst thing is though, there is a way to share your thoughts about a book without rating it. If you want to say that your not interested in reading let’s say “The Diviners” (an amazing book btw) don’t rate the book 1 star and start complaining about why you don’t want to read it. You can share why, but just don’t rate the book. Hell, talk about it while commenting on others reviews, but do NOT rate the book. 

*disclaimer* this is in no way related to reviewing books you have DNF’ed, as long as you didn’t DNF page 1 then you probably read enough to rate the book and talk about what went wrong for you. 

I’ve been seeing this trend way too often recently and I’m desperate for it to stop. There is honestly no reason for anyone to try and rate or essentially grade something that they’ve never even looked at. It saddens me at some primal level. 

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic! (Even if you do not agree with me) I’m sorry if this was a little ranty, I have just seen this too often lately and I’m fed up and tired of it. 

-Till next time!