Back in Time

Ohh Lord 

I ask this one thing of you 

I’ve never asked for much 

But ohh lord please 

Would you let me 

Go back again 

Right back again 

Ohh Lord would you pretty please 

Let me go back in time

Ohh Lord 

I just need to go back 

To when he and I were not so bad 

Back to the time we were more then friends 

Ohh Lord 

Pretty pretty pretty please 

You know I’m more then sorry 

You know I wish to see him once more again 

In the time we were more then friends 

Ohh Lord 

You know how sorry I am 

I know I’ll never doubt his love again

I know that girl was just jealous

Kissing him, to break us up

So I’d get mad 

Ohh Lord 

I’ve made such a silly mistake 

His love was more then I thought I could take 

But he is true 

And she was fake

Ohh Lord 

I walked out on our wedding day

Her kiss on his lips made me fade away

Made me kick him out

Made me doubt his love 

Made me forget 

His love was true 

And he would never cheat on me 

For another girl who wasn’t me 

Ohh Lord 

Just let me go back in time 

To the time he called me mine 

To the time that we were more then friends 

Just let me go back again

Ohh Lord please 

Just let me go 

Let me go back 

Back again 

Back in time
This was a song/poem that plagued my mind while I was in the shower. Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts!

-Till next time.