National Poetry Month: Sonnet 130

Shakespeare intrigues me. He intrigues me in the way that if he was alive today I would befriend him and find that he is probably the mixture of a geek and a dork and I would love that. I say this because from my minimal experience of his work has lead me to that conclusion. He seems to lack a bit of tact though he is not without wit and he has a sense of humor about him. 

This Sonnet is the embodiment of who I believe Shakespeare to be. He teases his love in this peace and in no small way I adore him for it. The couples I love tend to tease one another in this sort of way and it feels so warm to me to think that Shakespeare acted in this way as well. 
Thank you all for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I know this is a bit of a weird post, but I’ve been thinking about mister Shakespeare quite a bit lately and this was one of the things I would think about most. 

Also I’m curious, what are your thoughts on Romeo and Juliet? I haven’t read it, but I’m on the fence about weather or not I should give it a chance. 

-Till next time! 

A Lovers Tale: National Poetry Month

In the veil

Of forgotten nights 

We find love 

In each other’s eyes 

We see our truths 

Past the shore 

Learning of forbidden lore 

Being who we truly are 

Soul to soul 

Heart to heart 

No secrets kept 

No tales untold 

Being together as one 

In the land of old
Thank you so much for reading! I’m feeling inspired by fantasy and dreams and hopes and wonder. I hope you enjoyed this poem! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

-Till next time!

An Atypical Mother

She lit herself on fire to give life to her new born babe. The babe cried out screeching in its ashy fate. The young one picked up its head and flew out into the mountain air. She was her mother and her mother was she and though young she knew what she had to do. She danced in the air her alabaster eyes shining embracing the sky about her. She was born to be strong. Born to survive hundreds of years out of sight. 

-Till next time!

National Poetry Month: One of my Favorite Poems

The Two-Headed Calf
Tomorrow when the farm boys find this

freak of nature, they will wrap his body

in newspaper and carry him to the museum.
But tonight he is alive and in the north

field with his mother. It is a perfect

summer evening: the moon rising over

the orchard, the wind in the grass. And

as he stares into the sky, there are

twice as many stars as usual.
Laura Gilpin 

This is a poem I was recently introduced to by a poet that came to my college creative writing class named Linda Dove. This poem captured an essence of something and is so incredibly sad but at the same time beautiful. 

I figured because it is National Poetry Month that I should share this with all of you. I hope it impacts you as it impacted me. 

I would love to hear what you think of it in the comments! 

-Tiana Wolfe

National Poetry Month: Poem Prompt Challenge 

I have created a poetry prompt that I will attempt to write a poem for and one that I challenge you to do as well! Thanks to a class I’m taking I’ve taken an interest in some experimental poetry and this prompt is designed to create just that something different via random thought generation. 

Here what you do. Open up 3 different books at random, close your eyes and put your finger on a random word. The three words you find have to find there way in the poem. *Bonus for writing whatever comes to your mind without thinking about it too much* 

Experimental poems form their own intrinsic meaning that will not be understood right away, but that’s ok, and probably a good thing! Let your mind flow! 

The books I choose: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz, The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

The words: Brink, moment, crap

Give me a moment I am on the Brink of Finding someone to listen to my song 

It worries me how it all can flip on it’s head going right and hurrying along

There is something good about misconceptional crap

A turn of the dial and your walking into a room of carpeted glass 

I’m on my way to somewhere, grossly clean wall from here to there. A piece of my flesh gone fading 

The wind always whispers somewhere

Fragments of everything dance across stagnant air

I’ve gone to hear the gossipers ears open to the caviate born from watered error 

Thanks for reading! This is officially one of the weirdest poems I ever wrote, but as unusal as it felt it was a lot of fun. I hope to see some of you participating in this! I know it’s a little strange but that is the point of it. I really want to see how weird things can come out as being. 

-Till next time!