A Productive November

November is going to be an incredibly productive month for me. Not just because I will be going back to work, but also because I will be participating in Nanowrimo!

Goals for the month of November:

Write the two reviews I’m behind on: I still need to review Wilder Girls and The Stranger. Two books I have polar opposite feelings on, but I should get that done first thing this month so that should go well.

Draft 50,000 words for Nanowrimo!: I’m doing a Christmas fantasy project just for the fun of it. It’s an expansion on a short story I wrote for Christmas a previous year and I wanted to make an adorable Christmas book full of joy.

Continuing Chole Ting’s 2018 Summer Shred: I am on day 11 of this challenge and it’s the best I’ve done during one of her workout series so far and I’m hoping to keep the momentum going!

Get to level 220 on Fortnite! So I just got fortnite back and I’m on level 75. I’m hoping that by the end of the season I can get to the level 220 mark for the sake of holo marvel skins. Which means I have to gain about 5 levels a day from here on out. Which will prove to be challenging. Especially considering all else I want to do, but if I do complete this I will honestly feel like a damn goddess.

Make some dessert or food for thanksgiving. I want to make something nice as a part of Thanksgiving this year. I don’t know what that will be just yet, but I have some time to think about it.

Read some books! At the moment my tbr is looking like: Burn Our Bodies Down, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and Crazy House. We’ll see at the end of the month if I pick up anything else!

That’s all for my goals for this month! What are some of yours?

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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Why I’m Not Doing Nanowrimo This November

Every year I try to pursue Nanowrimo and every year I fail. I fail because of life. I fail because I have so many things I want to do. I fail because I can’t seem to sit myself down and write 1,500 words in one sitting. One year, I swear I will pursue and complete this challenge, but now is not the time.

I have a lot of things going on in my personal life. I have a lot of obligations I have to fill. I also, have this urge to watch some movies. Plus, I’ve had the feeling of wanting to binge all of Shane Dawson’s You-tuber documentaries. I’m also working a lot trying to make some extra money for Christmas. I simply don’t have the time.

This does not mean I won’t be writing at all. I’m currently writing a new book idea that has required no outlining what-so-ever and basically just lives in my brain waiting to be written. This book would have been perfect for Nanowrimo, but still, I have a couple of other obligations I’m working on on the side.

Sometimes, you have to look at your life and say to yourself that your not going to pile up a billion things. I have a tendency to do that to myself. To say I’m going to do this thing and that thing and adding too many things till I burn out. So for now I’m just going to stick with what I have.

This month no doubt is going to be a productive one. However, writing a whole book is not going to be in the cards. That’s fine by me for now. I’m going to try and balance some enjoyment and productivity this month. I think that is a good goal.

Nanowrimo is an amazing thing. So many amazing writers go on and tackle their stories and make them real. I’m going to continue on that same path, but I’m taking a slow and steady approach to it. I have so much I want to do. I think it’s not so bad to try and balance everything out a bit.

Thanks for reading! Are you doing Nanowrimo? I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments below!

-Till next time!

My November Goals

So as many of you know, the past few months had been amazing for me. Some of the coolest most wonderful things came into my life. I was productive and having fun and enjoying life and what it had to offer. I felt amazing.

However, I haven’t posted in a few days. I hadn’t done so because well, some things threw my life into chaos and I had been forced to choose a path and even if I feel I choose the right one, my family isn’t happy about it. Yet either way, half of this decision isn’t mine to make and the person concerned in all of this is out of touch with me for a while.

In the meantime, I spent a lot of time thinking. A lot of time trying to figure out some things. Spent time watching many YouTube videos so that I could have some happiness. Some sense of normalcy. I feel like my life has turned into a battlefield and I for a short time felt like I was loosing. I felt I was in a lot of turmoil and I needed that time to figure some things out on my own.

What this all has to do with November is that I’m going to get back to myself this month. I’m going to be productive. I’m going to continue my life. I’m going to be as happy as I can, because I know that’s what the person/people I love most would want for me. What I would want for all the people I love. I need to finish some things I started last month. So there’s still going to be some spooky talk for a while. I’m going to read some great books. I’m going to write and I’m going to write as much as I can. I’m going to put myself first and do the best I can in all ways that I can.

When I think about the difference between what’s happened these past few months and what’s going on right now it’s staggering. However, I’m hoping that things will turn out well soon. I’m hoping that whatever happens I can come out of all of this in tact. I believe I will. I believe that I’ve chosen well. Sometimes, you have to take some time and choose for yourself. Sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

-Till next time!

This Week in Ya: Four Awesome Releases! November 20-25th

Yesterday I judged the covers of these four up and coming ya releases and told you what I thought they were going to be about. Today it’s time to see what each of these are truly about and if I was accurate in any way with my descriptions.

Here are this weeks ya releases:

Consumed by Abbie Rushton

Myla used to love spending long, hot days on the beach with her sister, Asha. Until the day Asha was taken from her and the sun went out. Forever.

That was two years ago. Myla hasn’t been down to the beach – or even left the house – since. Crippling agoraphobia and panic attacks keep her locked inside a nightmare of the day she can never forget. Her main contact with the outside world is online – until she meets Jamie.

Jamie is new in town and also struggles with things most people find easy. Nobody gets why it’s so hard for him to eat. But, like Myla, Jamie is trapped by his fears and feels anxious, awkward and alone.

Gradually the pair begin to trust each other. Are they willing to reveal their secrets – and risk discovering the truth? Or will they let their pasts consume them for good…

I am so so proud of myself because yesterday while I was looking at this book I said it was summery ya romance with a mental-illness twist and I am so happy that I was right. Not only does our Mc have a mental illness, but it seems that our love interest has one as well. All I can say is I would have picked this book up from the cover alone and I would have been so happy to do so. I really really want to read this book. I’m debating it being my next book buy.

The City of Sand by Tianxia Bachang

THE QUEST: To find the lost city of Jingjue, a once-glorious kingdom, along with the burial chamber of its mysterious queen. Both lie buried under the golden dunes of the desert, where fierce sandstorms and blazing heat show no mercy.

THE TEAM:  Teenagers Tianyi, who has the ability read the earth and sky through feng shui, and Kai, Tianyi’s best friend and confidant; Julie, a wealthy American whose father vanished on the same trek a year ago; Professor Chen, who wants to fulfill a lifelong dream; and Asat Amat, a local guide gifted in desert survival.

THE OBSTACLES: Lethal creatures of the desert and an evil force that wants to entomb the explorers under the unforgiving sands of China’s Taklimakan Desert forever.

It seems I was pretty right about this book as well. A cool high fantasy set in China with a group of teenagers with really cool powers. Better be that those lethal creatures are Dragons though, because dragons make everything amazing.

Not Now, Not Ever by Lily Anderson

First things first this is a sequel and it looks like it’s separate from the first book, but just in case there are actually any spoilers in this synopsis you have been warned.

Elliot Gabaroche is very clear on what she isn’t going to do this summer.

1. She isn’t going to stay home in Sacramento, where she’d have to sit through her stepmother’s sixth community theater production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

2. She isn’t going to mock trial camp at UCLA.

3. And she certainly isn’t going to the Air Force summer program on her mother’s base in Colorado Springs. As cool as it would be to live-action-role-play Ender’s Game, Ellie’s seen three generations of her family go through USAF boot camp up close, and she knows that it’s much less Luke/Yoda/”feel the force,” and much more one hundred push-ups on three days of no sleep. And that just isn’t appealing, no matter how many Xenomorphs from Alien she’d be able to defeat afterwards.

What she is going to do is pack up her attitude, her favorite Octavia Butler novels, and her Jordans, and go to summer camp. Specifically, a cutthroat academic-decathlon-like competition for a full scholarship to Rayevich College, the only college with a Science Fiction Literature program. And she’s going to start over as Ever Lawrence, on her own terms, without the shadow of all her family’s expectations. Because why do what’s expected of you when you can fight other genius nerds to the death for a shot at the dream you’re sure your family will consider a complete waste of time?

I feel like I was very very wrong about my read of this cover. It is not set in the 90’s, but I can get the gamer vibe now that I read the synopsis and look at the cover again. It does still seem like it will be funny, but I can’t tell if there will be any romance as it seems more focused on what Ellie wants to do with her life no matter the consequences and in a way I like that better. I’m very intrigued and I hope I get to read book 1 sometime soon.


Siege of Shadows by Sarah Raughley

So, this one is definitely a read book 1 before book 2 type of thing so I am going to share book 1 and it’s synopsis here instead:

Years ago, everything changed. Phantoms, massive beasts of nightmare, began terrorizing the world. At the same time four girls, the Effigies, appeared, each with the unique power to control a classical element. Since then, they have protected the world from the Phantoms. At the death of one Effigy, another is chosen, pulled from her normal life into the never-ending battle.

When Maia unexpectedly becomes the next Fire Effigy, she resists her new calling. A quiet girl with few friends and almost no family, she was much happier to admire the Effigies from afar. Never did she imagine having to master her ability to control fire, to protect innocent citizens from the Phantoms, or to try bringing together the other three Effigies.

But with the arrival of the mysterious Saul—a man who seems to be able to control the Phantoms using the same cosmic power previously only granted to four girls at a time—Maia and the other Effigies must learn to work together in a world where their celebrity is more important than their heroism.

But the secrets Saul has, and the power he possesses, might be more than even they can handle…

So this series sounds badass and I need to read it. Also, I like how well the covers seem to match what the stories are going to be now that I see the elemental connection that each of the four effigies have. I feel like I was kinda right with this one, but got thrown off by not looking at the two covers together. Either way this series sounds like a ton of fun.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. What new releases are you looking forward to?

-Till next time!

Judging Ya Releases by Their Covers: November 20th-25th

Welcome one an all to a brand new weekly series where I take the ya releases of each week and say what I think they are about solely based on their titles and book covers. Then the next day I post the books with their true synopsis’s and see if I judged correctly! Who know’s? Maybe I will get a book plot of my own from these covers?

Here are the ya releases of this week:

Consumed by Abbie Rushton

This seems like a ya summer romance with a metal-illness twist. I would say our main character has had a rough time of things and either is consumed by all the outside things that are happening to her or by her emotions and everything that she is afraid of. I think this is going to be a novel about letting go and finding happiness and fun in life tripping over love along the way.

The City of Sand by Tianxia Bachang

This book looks like it is going to be either a dystopian or fantasy set in China in which the characters beliefs about themselves are tested as they find themselves destined to do more then they ever thought. In a Perfect World Dragons would be alive in this novel, but sadly I get a vibe that they are not or at least don’t make an appearance till the very end to pass on some sort of wisdom to our MC.

Not Now, Not Ever by Lily Anderson (pretty sure this is a book 2)

This cover screams the 90’s family comedy to me and I’m hoping that it kinda embodies that. It looks like a fun summery laugh fest where love is easy only till we ourselves make it complicated. I’m feeling some flirtation happening in this novel, but it is either unrequited or the characters are trying really hard to hide it from the other. Either way, I feel like there are gonna be some deep moments in this book from the cover I’m feeling it’s a laugh till you cry then cry till you find a way to laugh kind of situation.

Siege of Shadows by Sarah Raughley (another book 2)

I have absolutely no context from the first book to help me out with this cover, but I am getting paranormal dystopian horror feels from this cover. Fiery destruction looks like an important theme in this cover and I have a feeling that whatever this book is about it’s characters are going to be in a world of pain. It being the Effigies series I gotta think there is going to be a lot of death and that somehow our characters are going to have to ward away some evil. Plus I’m thinking with the Shadows part that their is going to be some deceit in this book and the villain is going to be the last person you suspect.

That’s all for this weeks releases and I was surprised to see that there were only four. I am so excited for this series because I adore covers and so many times a cover can either be spot on or totally misleading so I know I am going to have a lot of fun with this. I can’t wait to see what these books are actually about with you all tomorrow! I’m so excited!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you guys think these books are about based on there covers.

-Till next time!

November Reading Wrap-Up 2016

This month was quite the reading month for me. Something that I really did not expect. I ended up reading a total of six books this month and I was extremely happy with all of them! 

1. The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati


Seventeen-year-old Catherine Pulaski knows Zero is coming for her. Zero, the devastating depression born of Catherine’s bipolar disorder, almost triumphed once; that was her first suicide attempt. 
Being bipolar is forever. It never goes away. The med du jour might work right now, but Zero will be back for her. It’s only a matter of time.
And so, in an old ballet-shoe box, Catherine stockpiles medications, preparing to take her own life before Zero can inflict its living death on her again. Before she goes, though, she starts a short bucket list. 
The bucket list, the support of her family, new friends, and a new course of treatment all begin to lessen Catherine’s sense of isolation. The problem is, her plan is already in place, and has been for so long that she might not be able to see a future beyond it. 
This is a story of loss and grief and hope, and how some of the many shapes of love—maternal, romantic, and platonic—affect a young woman’s struggle with mental illness and the stigma of treatment.

I absolutely adored this book! Here is a link to my review. If this book interests you at all please check it out. This book is one that should not be looked over. 

2. Enclave by Ann Aguirre

York City has been decimated by war and plague, and most of civilization has migrated to underground enclaves, where life expectancy is no more than the early 20’s. When Deuce turns 15, she takes on her role as a Huntress, and is paired with Fade, a teenage Hunter who lived Topside as a young boy. When she and Fade discover that the neighboring enclave has been decimated by the tunnel monsters–or Freaks–who seem to be growing more organized, the elders refuse to listen to warnings. And when Deuce and Fade are exiled from the enclave, the girl born in darkness must survive in daylight–guided by Fade’s long-ago memories–in the ruins of a city whose population has dwindled to a few dangerous gangs.
Ann Aguirre’s thrilling young adult novel is the story of two young people in an apocalyptic world–facing dangers, and feelings, unlike any they’ve ever known.

This book was such a fun read. By the time I got to the end I never wanted to leave the world. I wanted so badly to know what happened next, but alas, it was not yet meant to be. One day I will hold the next book in my hands, one day. 

3, 4, & 5

The Selection, The Elite, and The One by Kiera Cass

book in the captivating, #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series! Discover a breathless fairy-tale romance with swoon-worthy characters, glittering gowns, fierce intrigue, and a dystopian world that will captivate readers who loved Veronica Roth’s Divergent, Ally Condie’s Matched, and Lauren Oliver’s Delirium.
For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape a rigid caste system, live in a palace, and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon. But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her, and competing for a crown she doesn’t want.
Then America meets Prince Maxon—and realizes that the life she’s always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.

America’s story was absolutely wonderful! I was so happy to finally read these books. It was light, sometimes sad, and 100% enjoyable. 

6. A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom 

Mel Hannigan, bipolar disorder makes life unpredictable. Her latest struggle is balancing her growing feelings in a new relationship with her instinct to keep everyone at arm’s length. And when a former friend confronts Mel with the truth about the way their relationship ended, deeply buried secrets threaten to come out and upend her shaky equilibrium.
As the walls of Mel’s compartmentalized world crumble, she fears the worst–that her friends will abandon her if they learn the truth about what she’s been hiding. Can Mel bring herself to risk everything to find out?
In A Tragic Kind of Wonderful, Eric Lindstrom, author of the critically acclaimed Not If I See You First, examines the fear that keeps us from exposing our true selves, and the courage it takes to be loved for who we really are.

I absolutely loved this book! It was absolutely authentic and such a comfortable read. Here is the link to my full review here. 

Also check out Blue a poem I wrote inspired by the loveliness that is “A Tragic Kind of Wonderful”

November 2016 Book Haul

November is the beggining of the winter air. A time to settle down and reflect. A time of shopping and getting ready for Christmas and a time for reading. 

This month, I have had the pleasure to be on the recieving end of five lovely books. So without further ado, here is my November book haul!

The Summoning, The Awakening, and The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong 

I was so excited to find The Summoning trilogy all together at a thrift store. I had wanted to read these books for a very long time and I was estatic to finally add them to my collection!

Chloe Saunders sees dead people. Yes, like in the films. The problem is, in real life saying you see ghosts gets you a one-way ticket to the psych ward. And at 15, all Chloe wants to do is fit in at school and maybe get a boy to notice her. But when a particularly violent ghost haunts her, she gets noticed for all the wrong reasons. Her seemingly crazed behaviour earns her a trip to Lyle House, a centre for disturbed teens.

At first Chloe is determined to keep her head down. But then her roommate disappears after confessing she has a poltergeist, and some of the other patients also seem to be manifesting paranormal behaviour. Could that be a coincidence? Or is Lyle House not quite what it seems…? Chloe realizes that if she doesn’t uncover the truth, she could be destined for a lifetime in a psychiatric hospital. Or could her fate be even worse…? Can she trust the other kids in the home, and does she dare reveal her dark secret?

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom

I had recieved an arc of A Tragic Kind of Wonderful earlier this month and I absolutely loved it!

Check out my review here.

Check out my A Tragic Kind of Wonderful inspired poem here.
Go Ask Alice by Anonymous 

Go Ask Alice has been a book on my mind for a very long time. The fact that it is a true diary written by a girl who committed suicide saddened and intrigued me. I hope to read this book soon and relay my thoughts with the reverence that a story like this deserves. 

What books are a part of your November Book Haul? Are any of the books I’ve meantioned on your reading list? If you have read any of these books what did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

-Till next time!

Nanowrimo: Day 1

For the first day of Nanowrimo I was determined to begin with a bang. My entire day was spent writing wherever and whenever I could. I wrote while waiting to go into class. I wrote while sitting in the car. I wrote as I ate. I just let go of any and all excuses and wrote. 

At the end of the day when I saw the fruit of my passion, a whopping 5,689 words, I couldn’t contain my pride. 

I had written more in one day then I ever had before. It made me feel like I was truly capable of finishing my first draft faster then I ever thought possible. I learned so much about my characters and I felt as though I lived with them as I wrote. 

I have the beginnings of a story! That is one of the most exciting notions of all. 

This month will be full of ups and downs, but at least I know I have a good starting point and a story that I am happy and excited for. 


Are you joining Nanowrimo? If you have started your novel how was your day one? Let me know in the comments below!

-Till next time!

November 2016: TBR 

November is going to be one of the busiest months I have ever had. Between Nanowrimo, a 10 page research paper, and anything else that may pop up I am going to have a lot of things to balance out. 

I am determined to make this month my own and complete everything that I wish to complete and I believe that I can, or so…. I tell myself. 

I will have to give up a lot of things that take up my time during this month, but the one thing I will not allow myself to give up is reading. So let’s take a look at my November 2016: Tbr! (Praying I will be able to actually read these books 😰)

The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati 

I am currently about halfway through this book and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope for so many could things to happen to Catherine! I will be writing a full review of this once I am finished. As of right now I 100% would recommend you to pick this book up and read it!

Schism by Britt Holewinski 

“My name is Andrea Christensen. I’m one of the oldest oldest people in the world.”
The first book in a new YA, dystopian trilogy, SCHISM is a story of survival, of good versus evil, and of constructing a future with only memories of childhood.
A virus, created by the smartest minds in the United States government, which is meant to target male adults in times of war, is accidentally released before testing is complete. Within weeks six billion people are eliminated from the world. The only survivors are prepubescent children. 
Five years after this catastrophic event, a young girl named Andy Christensen and her two friends are forced to leave their home in Bermuda and return to the North American continent. There, they discover that America is wild and chaotic, and people have instituted a “survival of the fittest” mentality. Andy and her friends soon band together with fellow survivors in search for a new place to call home.

I picked up this book in March intrigued by the description and what it would be like to be a child in a land without adults just trying to survive. 

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

From the second I saw this novel I wanted to sink my teeth into it… Enough said. 


Dorothy Must Die Stories by Danielle Paige 

I am so in the mood for a retelling. These three stories will help keep me together as I do my best to write like a madwoman during this crazy wonderful month. 


What are you thinking of reading this month? How do you deal with trying to make time to read while you are busy? Let me know in the comments below!

-Till Next Time! 💕