Forever Ado

Forever Ado

You cause my pain 

A hole in my heart 

I wish to be whisked away 
You put on a mask 

Of kindness and good

Then you stab my gut 

And smile as you do 
You pretend you don’t see

The hurt in my eyes 

My cries for help 

Or the tears that fall 
Your lies are a web 

That suffocates your life

You know what you do 

Then you turn a blind eye 
Why do you patronize me?

Why do you haunt me so?

Why do you laugh in my face?

Why can’t you simply leave me alone?
I wish to be free of the pain 

To be free of you

To live my life 

And be myself 
Let me go!

Let me break from my bonds!

Cut the chains! 

Tear the ropes!
That is all I ever ask 

Is for freedom in this life

Freedom for love 

And freedom to live my life.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this piece. It’s a bit darker than what you all mostly see from me, but I wrote it a long time ago and felt compelled to do a sort of throw back post.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

-Till next time! 

Bells and Whistles 

There are all these embellishments in life 

Put there to make the world a bit prettier 

A flower in a pot, swirling designs on paper, 

The little freckles on the face of a cute boy you saw last Sunday

Except nothing in this world stays the same 

The flower grows dies and a new one takes its place 

The paper crumbles, the freckles increase and Darken 

Those things you thought were pretty appeal to you no longer 

 Beauty is a bit like cloud watching 

Every fluffy cloud is something different to different people 

I guess that just means there is truly someone for everyone 

But even the plainest of people can be changed by the right bells and whistles 

People change like the clouds 

Constantly moving forward in a blur 

Coming back to you unrecognizable

Masks come off 

Masks are put on 

Natural becomes misshapen 

Plastic elements melt away 

We are built by relics of our previous selves 

Taking fractured pieces from you at all the stages your life creating one being 

One moment and the pieces break evermore 

Another and the glass of hope and you are made whole again 

So who are we? 

Are we who we are now or are we our past? 

Or are we who we choose to be by our embellishments?

Or are we truly a swirling storm of all our decisions, pieces, and looks….

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this piece of poetry. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I make of the world recently and somehow this piece felt necessary. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

-Till next time!

Book Inspired Poetry # 1

There is no one more powerful then you 

You change yourself by your words 

Sculpt your body by your actions 

Your mind is yours to evolve 

Healing born from some inner strength

That just won’t leave you alone 

Your pain has healed you 

It’s made you see 

It’s given you ground

You’ve survived through it all

Every person who tried to hurt you

Can no longer touch you now 

You are a warrior 

An amazing warrior 

And your soul will never let you completely crumble 

At your worst you were stronger then steel 

Making it to your best has made you invisible 

You have so many parts 

Jagged and protruding 

They might not seem to quite fit right 

But when you are truly seen it’s a thing of beauty

You define who you are 

Be kind to yourself 

There is no greater hero for you but you 

Thanks for reading! 

What do you think of having more book inspired poetry? I was sifting through ideas and thought that a series of these would be fun to do. Let me know what you think of it in the comments. 

-Till next time!

Can’t Type at All

There’s a time where 

Your minds flipped 




Hoping for too many different things 

There is a time where 

You just don’t know what to do

There blankness in front of you 



But you just can’t type 


The devils 

Are elusive 

Hiding away 

Visible yet just out of reach 

Just enough for your dedication to die 

I need to type 

I need to write 

Without words 

My mind will die 

Yet they are gone from me 

Vanished into the air 

I wish for them 

But they don’t come 

It isn’t fair

I’m dying 


From a lacking mind 

Does too much of everything 

Cause brain cells to die?

I just need to find them 

Strinng them together 

And my mind will be in order 

Starvation in a writer’s mind 

Is wanting to write without knowing letters 

Thank you all for reading! My brain is not working right now and I was doing everything I could to write a post and nothing was working and out came this poem. Sometimes struggle gives birth to something good from time to time. There is always a silver lining. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Till next time!

A Conversation

Tell me, 

Who told you these lies? 

You know, 

More than anyone else ever could. 

Who hurt you so deeply you can’t even look up?

It was her, I told you before didn’t I? I hurt her first, its not her fault. 

What happened? 

Pain happened. Right place wrong time. My mind was cloudy, I thought it was her! 

What went wrong?

Everything and nothing. That girl was hurt I held her, she kissed me, I let her, it’s all my fault. 

And after? 

There was yelling, she… she never listened you know? H-how could I ever know.. I didn’t want it to end the way it did. 

What now?

I don’t know. How could I? I thought I loved her, I know now I was wrong. 

Why are you crying? 

I miss her, s-she stabbed me and I still miss her, nothing can be done now. 

It wasn’t your fault. 






I’m sorry, Goodbye. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed, I would love to hear what you make of this. 

-Till next time!

Delirious Thought

Swirling, Swirling, Delirously, my minds a mess a twisting, fogging, whirling thing 

My eyes awake is a dizzying weakness, I don’t know how to feel right again

It’s weird what a nap can cause, dehydration mixed with empty tiredness without cause 

A mind that doesn’t wish to wake in a place between the conscious world

Split thought, distraction, fragmented dreams, wondering at reality

Not at peace or feeling anything, just their mind not quite present in the body

The thirst lingers yet the body feels full just a drop or two more, nothings clears 

The eyes are the worst half-closed wishing to go back to lost memory of dreams 

Lacking the full ability to see, even if the images are clear the perception leans 

Out of body, it is like a high, but no drug induces this feeling, just a tired hour sleep

Why must I wake to twisted feeling? 

Arms tired, a slight draping pain, the haze surrounds in a cocoon 

When will I find myself truly awake?

Thank you for reading this strange haze of a poem. This is 100% how I feel right now. I took a nap and feel delirious from need for water, water that hasn’t helped as much I wished. If this poems says anything to you let me know. I always wonder at this weird state of mind I get to sometimes after I will take a nap from fatigue. 

I hope you enjoyed.

-Till next time!

Falling into you 

There is something about when you look at someone and you know that no matter what they can always make you feel inside

There’s something about that tightening in your chest that lets you know that as long as your with them, everything will be ok

There’s something about being alone, not knowing who you will someday love that both breaks and heals your heart 

There is something about the waiting, the waiting that you give up on until your heart hits you like a train filled with feeling

There is something about you, the man I have yet to meet, that makes me blush and wish are worlds would collide sooner 

There’s something in this universe that makes us wait, makes us grow until the time crashes by and you’ll be there

There’s something about imagining what it would be like, to hold you, to laugh with you, the long slow happy process of falling for you

There’s something about the not knowing, have I ever seen you before? I hope we were young and we shared a smile

There is something about this universe, the time will come and when it does I hope I’ll be ready, ready to give my heart to you

One day we will find each other, it hasn’t happened yet, but right now, we are separated by blurry glass, one day it will clear, one day it will disappear, and nothing will keep me from falling into you

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my heart. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

-Till next time!