Popular Books I Haven’t Read Yet

As a reader there are so many amazing books out in the world that a lot of the time it’s hard to choose what books you read and which ones you don’t. In my life I find that the books that I read come into my life randomly as I very rarely go out with the intent to purchase a specific book. However their are a lot of amazing popular books out there that I haven’t gotten to read yet and the book worm inside wishes that these were the books I attracted into my life. 

The Big Cahuna 

That’s right I haven’t read Harry Potter and while many of you may already know this about me. Its always been something that I felt left out on. After all these years and all the spoilers I have endured, I just really want to purchase these novels and see if they strick in me the obsession that I sense with so many people. 

Six of Crows 

These two novels are so gorgeous looking! Plus their black and red pages are to die for. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this duology that I want to do myself a favor and dive into them as soon as I can! 

The Throne of Glass series 

This is the series I feel like I’m missing out most on. Simply because I have this feeling in the marrow of my bones that I would love this series and it tears at my heart to not be able to read these books! One day! I swear it, I will read them. 

The Lunar Chronicals 

I read Cinder years ago, but I never got to finish reading this series and I hold a bit of resentment because of that. There is so much love in the community for these books. I just want to be a part of it, you know?

The Grisha Trilogy 

I hear slightly mixed feelings from people on this trilogy, but by and large there is so much love for these books! There is a reason why two series from Leigh Bardugo appear on here. There is too much love for her books to not want to read from her. 

The Raven Boys 

As The Book Raven I feel like this is a series I definitely should have checked out already. Especially with how much love I see for this series! I hope for these books to come into my life sometime soon!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! There are so many books out there and so little time. Let me know what popular books/series you have yet to read down in the comments. 

-Till next time!