WordPress Issues: What is Happening?

I love WordPress and the community that surrounds the site, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating, from unfollowing you from people you want to keep up with, to loosing posts, and not being able to like other’s posts… the site can be frustrating. 

My latest confuzzelment with this site has been that my last few post haven’t been reaching the audience that they normally would. Every day I publish a post and talk about books or write some poetry or even talk about writing and I will get about 40 or so likes by the next day. However when I published my usual, it’s Wednesday, what are you reading? post it only gathered about 9 likes, to which I was thinking… did that post particularly suck or did the WordPress algorithm change or what’s going on?

Then I published yesterday a review of The Wrath and The Dawn (a book that is on the same level of popularity with And I Darken) which only gathered 12 likes when compared with my review of And I Darken only two days before which gathered about 52 likes and quite a few comments. So I am wondering, why is this the case? Is there a decline in the quality of my posts? Is their something weird going on with WordPress? Is the tagging system ineffective? Or are my readers simply not enjoying my content anymore? 

It’s really unsettling to put so much work daily over so much time, for me 9 months, into something and have grown so much, I’m almost hitting 1,000 followers and to all of a sudden feel like everything is back peddling to how it was when you first started blogging. It’s also a bit disconcerting when a lot of doors that have opened because of my blogs success (like being able to receive arcs off of netgally, talking to authors, and being asked by authors to review their books) might be hurt by a spiral downhill. Especially because as a book blogger I want to make sure that the books I love reach the audience I normally would, because showing your support for a book is invaluable to its success. 

Let me know down in the comments if you are experiencing or have experienced a similar issue or if you have any ideas or thoughts about what is going on. 

Thank you all for reading! I truly appreciate all the support I’ve been having on this blog since the very beginning. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. 

-Till next time!

When the WordPress App Glitches Out: A Discussion

WordPress is my favorite place to share my thoughts above all other thoughts platforms. For 5 amazing months WordPress has allowed me to share my voice and create fun content with relative ease and the smallest of glitches. 

However, I was just almost done writing a long awaited tag post when, my app froze and glitched out, deleting the content completely. To which I precided to feel these sets of emotions: 

Tried to bargain for a non-existent way of fixing the problem: 



I was and still am sitting on my IKEA chair thinking about what to do. Do I redo the post? Do I do a different one? What should I do next? 

An idea struck!

Then I decided it might be interesting to write this little post, because I wasn’t happy about losing 40 minute of work to do it over again without sharing the sad experience with you all! 

So, I ask of you… has anything like this ever happened using WordPress? Have you ever lost any content or had any issues with the WordPress app? I need to feel some solidarity from this emotional rollercoaster. It was just a whole lot of panicked sadness. 

When you take so much time to work on something just to have it disappear feels awful. As much as I love WordPress this has been such a sad experience. I may be sad, but I will write and post the disappeared post tomorrow. There is a tag to look forward to! I hope you all will enjoy it!

-Till next time!

Writing at Night

I have a major problem with writing at night. I spend my days with my mind dormant, completely asleep, gone away from me, no good for use. Yet once it is time for me to close my eyes and dream wonderful dreams my brain wakes up and whispers loudly at me, “Hey, hey you, hey, hey, hey Tiana, wakey wakey! Hey! You kinda need to write. You really, really need to write. HEY! Write right now dam it! GOOOO!” 

Finally, I have to listen to myself and I end up on my phone typing away till my thumbs become numb at midnight. This highly randevous happens even if I wrote earlier on my laptop like a normal person. So basically, every, single, night, I sit on my chair, my thumbs bleeding, my head screaming, and my imagination churning. 

Depending on what I’m writing, I will often finally end up sleeping at 1 in the morning. Which, would not be so bad, except, a lot of the time I won’t finish what I wanted to finish because my phone battery is always at 20% when I start typing. This means that if I am writing a blog post (ex. I am writing one right now. Battery life is at 14%. The time is 11:53 p.m.) I have to rush to finish it so I can publish it before my phone dies. (The issue of writing blog posts on my phone will be addressed later) 

At the same time, I am working on what I like to call my nightly imagination generator. Which at the same time is not always rational. Sometimes I will write something only to read it the next day and wonder, why?! 

Sometimes though, my nightly imagination generatior is a genius and I end up writing much better pieces than I ever thought I could write, but I cannot continue to invest in a faulty system. The conundrum is that this problem is chronic and I sometimes rather enjoy it, especially when I write poetry, but I need to develop a better habit. 

The other issue is school and my tendency to procrastinate. I will finish assignments during the day when my brain is on academic proper grammar writing mode. That part of my brain emotionally exhausts me so I end up reading or watching videos to gain back a bit of happiness and relaxation. Then I do everything in my power to not write (I call this intentional unintentional forgetting) till by the time I ‘remember’ what I should be doing it is 12:00 a.m. 

This is a problem that I am not quite certain I am prepaired to fix. I need guidence. What do you suggest? 

-Till next time!