Do you Mind?

Would you mind 

If I laid my head back, 

shed my skin from my bones to create new skin , 

closed my eyes… 

and dreamed? 

Would you mind it if it meant that the first thought I head upon awakening was of me instead of you? (Rest assured thoughts were always of you)

Would you mind if I was selfish for a little while, carving out a place in the sand for my own little ocean to pour into every inch of me that feels exhausted, tired, wasted, and abused? 

Would you mind? 

I hope to God that you mind… 

Our conversations were always a monologue of you

Scratch that, I hope you don’t mind at all, because if you do it’s still about you and all my rose-tinted psychedelic excuses will mean nothing. Nothing. Nothing. 

Do you mind…

Do you care… 

Did you ever care… 

Nevermind, it’s all too f***ing bad 

I’m grabbing my time, my paintbrush and dipping it into the paint of my self-worth. I’m going to paint some beautiful pictures. I’m going to do it all, new paint streaming from the determination of my own selfish care.. you are no longer invited.. lest the paint be dried out and vacuumed away into the shrivel of your second-rate air. 

Thank you all for reading! I don’t know why I almost feel apologetic for all the poetry lately, but it’s something that is healing for me and I need to get it out especially during the times I’m feeling low. Do you Mind is probably one of the most angst filled pieces I’ve written and it’s due to the fact that I am feeling so entirely tired lately. I am in a weird place in time and this is one of the things that helps me on the journey through. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this poem! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. 

-Till next time!

A Single Lullaby

Hello there my little darling 

Don’t worry your pretty head 

Let your dreams be filled with wonder 

Let your life be free of dread 

Hello there my little sweetheart 

You know that I’ll be fine 

The creepers keep on creeping 

But I’m too tough to die 

Hello my lovely little pumpkin 

I will always be here for you 

His shadow may be lurking 

But sleep will comfort you 

Hello my dear little princess 

You know I won’t be late 

This song is your protection 

I sing to keep you safe 

Hello my little cutie 

Your smile holds my heart 

Please just keep being happy 

He cannot steal your love 

Hello my little baby 

I know your scared it’s true 

The man who lurks in the shadows 

The man who smiles at you 

Hello my little child 

I don’t know if it’ll be long 

Before my voice gets tired 

Before my voice goes wrong  

Hello my little one 

I’m so very sorry 

His breath is drawing near you 

I can’t protect you anym………. 

This was inspired by the image in the beginning from insidious