Quote of the Day

I’m feeling inspired so of course I wanted to share something inspiring with all of you. 

We can all accomplish amazing things! 

-Till next time!


Felling Like I Haven’t In A Long Time

Hope stricks at the randomest of times and right now I’m feeling so much hope. The funny thing is not much has happened. Life is still the same, but it is me who is different. All I want to do is hold on to this feeling to treasure it and fill my whole life up with its emotion. 

I feel happy. 

In truth, I just absorbed Song of the Current into my being in this one day of having it in my hands. I feel like I haven’t let myself be taken by a book in a long time and letting myself be has done wonders for my mind and soul. I feel wonderful and free and excited for whatever the future will bring. 

I hope that good days are coming for us all. 

-Till next time!

Beautiful Inspirational Quote 

Every human being has their struggles. No human goes through this life unscathed. So wear your scars like a coat of armor. Every moment of life is part of the fabric of who you are, love it, love yourself, and fight for your healing. You can choose to see the world in a brighter light. You can choose to heal with golden flakes instead of darkness. There is no way to escape the tragedies of life, but what matters is how you react to it. So stay strong and take care of yourself. You deserve to be happy. You deserve all the brightest parts of the world. 

-Till next time!