A Christmas Short Story

Alone in the twilight between night and day the green and blue hew of Christmas Lights danced along mixing hews with the starry sky. From afar a young girl of five watched them flicker from the window of her home.

She should have been sleeping, yet some great pull of excitement pulled her to look out that night from her window. It was Christmas Eve, but for her it was just another night. Her family didn’t celebrate Christmas. Didn’t bring her up to look forward to decorating a tree and awaiting Santa’s gifts the next morning.

Yet as she peered out of her room that night she saw the most beautiful sight. Santa flying way up high in the sky. A silver sleigh lead by a team of Reindeer tapping their feet in unison leading him to the next home to stop by.

She felt a feeling of wonder light up her heart. Knowing that the myth was real made her smile really bright. Down into her parents room she ran. To wake them up and let them know the truth of magic she’d witnessed.

They awoke and hurriedly she explained, “Santa’s real! I saw him outside! There’s a sleigh and Reindeer and they really really fly!!!”

“Baby please go on back to sleep. Stop playing around. You know mommy has work tomorrow. We will talk about it in the morning, ok sweetie?”

Discouraged she ran back on to bed, but that morning a miracle just for her appeared. A Christmas gift by her bedside. One that opened up to be a Christmas Ornament of glittering gold that seemed to jingle when she shook it and a notch to open on the side of it.

The little girl didn’t notice the notch that year. She hid her present away and as years went by she’d take it out to remember. That magical Christmas night that one cold December.

As years past the little girl grew up she was now a woman of age 23. It was Christmas once more and she revisited the ornament of her past. This time she noticed the small little latch.

She opened it up and was surprised to see a little button on the inside of it. She pressed the button and was surrounded by snow. Then, when it all cleared she found herself at the North Pole.

There she met Santa and all his elves. He asked her if she’d help him making toys for all the Christmas’s to come.

She excitedly accepted and every November after, the girl who’d never celebrated Christmas became one of Santa’s sweet helpers.

Thank you all for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! I had to rewrite the second half of this because it deleted itself somehow and I couldn’t get the original version back, but this story really got my creative juices flowing so I’m still really happy with it!

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A Christmas Gift

That Christmas teddy bear

Underneath the tree

A special soft something

That Santa left for me

When the world felt cold and broken

I’d hug that teddy bear

Feel that soft sweet something

That made everything feel fair

A kindness from the red suit

The white bearded Santa Claus

A simple brown little teddy

Gave me a hope that it all would end

Mommy would say she loved me

Behind a genuine smile

And my dad would be there to kiss me

And sing me a lullaby

Ohh Santa I am so grateful

For the gift you gave to me

To see past the truth I’m seeing

To hope for new reality

At night I’ll sing a Noelle carol

And hold my teddy tight

And tomorrow will be better

By the end of my lullaby

A note: As a child, I always had stuffed animals. I never slept without them. I never thought about anything bad while holding one and they helped me to feel safe. I know that this poem is sad, but it is in essence a hopeful one. Those bad situations come to an end and there is always hope for bright spots in the future. Christmas to me is about hope and from that this poem was born.

Thank you all for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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Check out The Book Raven Poetry website

Checkout The Book Raven Poetry Instagramand Twitter

Check out the Wolfe Creek Candle website and Instagram!

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My Bookish Christmas List 

Christmas is almost upon us and I couldn’t be more excited!! As a bookworm, there are so many things that I look forward to during this time of year. But as a person, I can’t wait to spend this season laughing and enjoying life with my family! 

I do have a few bookish things I wish Santa would bring me during this lovely season and I can’t wait to share this list with all of you. 

Here is my bookish Christmas list!

1. This list would not be true to life if books were not on the top slot. So, of course as a lover of books I can never get too many of them. I have way too many books on my wishlist, but a few I am most looking forward to are: The Wrath and the Dawn, The Raven Boys, Six of Crows, Roseblood, and A Court of Thorns & Roses.  

2. Books on Writing, or specifically “On Writing” by Stephen King. 

There are so many great books on writing out there, but I have had my eye out for Stephen King’s for a long time. I have read some quotes from it and I read up on how Stephen King came to be a writer and I believe that his book on writing would really speak to me as an aspiring author. 
3. Bookish Mugs! I am absolutely obsessed with bookish mugs. There are so many of them that are absolutely gorgeous and so true to everything that I am passionate about. I just want a beautiful mug to drink coffee, tea, and water. I want one to eat soup out of. Even a mug to put ice cream in. I desire a bookish mug and I desire one now. Some of my favorite designs are from Evie Bookish so I hope you check out her shop here.

All her designs are beautiful. I don’t know how to choose one from the other. One day, I will own one of these mugs. 
4. BookMarks! I do not have many bookmarks and I need to collect some. Right now I only have a few paper bookmarks and one plastic one and I feel like I am in need of an upgrade. 

This Harry Potter bookmark is super cool and even though I have only read the first book (I’m sorry)  I hope to read the books in a binge from first to last in the future (maybe including Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) 

5. A Book Review Journal, I would love to have a small journal to jot down my thoughts on books I read so I can have clarity of thought when writing a review. It would also be nice just for the memories of the many thoughts and feelings I had while reading.

Check out this bookish journal here.
What is on your bookish wish list? Are there any books your hoping to have Santa bring? 

Let me know your thoughts. Thank you for reading. 

-Till next time!