My Shelf Care

Every weekend I take care of my bookshelves and dust them. For some this might be a short quick little dusting that’s done in a few minutes. For me, it takes anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours. This is because I take everything out dust all the inside of the shelf and then clean every single book/ item on my shelves before putting them back in their place.

Today I took about an hour and fifty minutes to complete my dusting routine. Why it almost takes longer then me cleaning the entire store at my work.. I don’t know. I almost dread the day when I have my own library, because that is my dream. To have my own private library in my home full of books that I’ve read and loved.

Today I took this weekly routine as an opportunity to count the books I own and what I have and haven’t read, because I haven’t done that in a long time and I thought it would be cool to see how much my shelves have grown.

Currently I personally own 160 physical books.

In addition to that my family own 44 that also sit on my bookshelves.

Of the 160 I own I have read 92 of them. Which is kinda sad, but also I blame Netgalley for it. I’ll be working on raising that number much higher ASAP.

Currently I am reading 3 books from my shelves. I’m back to reading multiple books at once and I have no regrets.

I have not read or started 65 books on my shelves.. which I can usually get to reading that amount in a year so.. I’m not feeling too badly about it. If I’m feeling like I’m slacking I can always do some reading marathons. That could be fun.

For a long time, taking the time to clean my shelves every week felt annoying and kinda frustrating, but now I understand it. I need to upkeep my shelves as much as I need to upkeep myself. I care about the books I own. If I want to have a big collection I need to care for it. To keep it clean and my books free from damage. It’s like any other part of your home. Keeping your room clean or your kitchen or living room. Sometimes self care is putting on some music and cleaning your environment. Taking time every week to keeping things clean is important. Even when it’s frustrating or tiring. Taking things one thing at a time eventually it’s all done and it feels good. It feels good to live in a clean environment. It’s necessary to put in the work to keep things clean.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

An Open Letter to my Future Self: Birthday Post

Dear Tiana, 

Today was December 17, 2016 and you had just turned 18 years old. You know how long you had waited for this day. At this moment, I don’t even know what to think. 

By now 10 years have passed and I hope they have been wonderful. You better have  been keeping up with your writing! I definitely hope you got into a writing routine and have finished several books by now. You, at this moment, are 28 years old. What are you doing right now? I wonder what people you have met. Are you published? You better be published. I know it’s hard, I’ve already tried, but you better not be throwing excuses at me. 

Also, I hope you know I love you. Which I guess is a slight bit pretentious because your technically me, but if you need some extra love I got your back! 

Future me. I figure the past 10 years have been pretty crazy. I figure you’ve had pleanty of rough patches and many wonderful times, but I hope you stay true to yourself. I hope that your still with family. That you didn’t argue as much as you know I have. Family is never perfect. We both know this very well, so, spread some love. 

Are you still blogging? Daily blogging? You better be. You most definitely better be reading. My God, if your not reading I will take over your body and smack you. If you are still reading… then that’s a crisis averted. You still have some sense in you. 

Please tell me that you choose not to be lazy and actually do some exercises. I swear, I know I haven’t been good at it, but I know that needs to change and I hope you are the changed, healithier version of the me today. 

Also, did you ever start a book tube account? I would be really proud of you if you did, but if you didn’t that’s ok. As long as your still blogging. I’m really harping you about that. It’s just, you know how much it meant for me to start writing a blog. You know how much I wanted to do some good with it. If anything, I hope that’s still the Number one most important thing to you, to do some good to combat the bad. 

Future me, I hope you remembered to read this. I hope that this is something that makes you smile. I have so much hope for you. Please continue following our dreams. Remember as I’ve meantioned before, do some good, make people happy, don’t argue, don’t get mad, getting mad is useless because it accomplishes only more anger, happiness is living in the moment and doing and being good, spread the love, and be you! You have the potential to be better than you could ever imagine. I feel that at the bottom of our soul. 

With much self-love and healing, 

Tiana Wolfe

P.S. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Love you!! 🎉🤗

If you are me and your reading this, I am proud of you. If you are another reader, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! What message do you have for your future self?

-Till next time!