Christmas Lights Strung in the Sky

A burst of energy exploding, imploding in the sky,

The fire glitters 

The air electrified 

By a gorgeous explosion way up high

It feels so humbling 

Standing amongst the crowd 

We are all dazzled 

By the same bright cloud 

It’s Christmas time 

And we are all here 

Listening to this music 

Watching the cloud burst and disappear 

What an amazing sight to see 

Surrounded by strangers and family 

All hoping that this memory 

Will be one to brighten future days 

“There’s a lollipop in the sky” 

A young child cries 

And that’s when I know 

That the magic in this light 

Comes from the inside 

That we stand here to be amazed 

On this winter holiday 

To feel closer to true imagined spirit

That is real because we think it to be 

And to forget for once in our lives 

That reality is the burden weighing heavily on our lives 

So we listen to these songs 

Watching the lights dance along 

To fill our hearts with joy 

To carry along for future days
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! 

Till next time!

Back in Time

Ohh Lord 

I ask this one thing of you 

I’ve never asked for much 

But ohh lord please 

Would you let me 

Go back again 

Right back again 

Ohh Lord would you pretty please 

Let me go back in time

Ohh Lord 

I just need to go back 

To when he and I were not so bad 

Back to the time we were more then friends 

Ohh Lord 

Pretty pretty pretty please 

You know I’m more then sorry 

You know I wish to see him once more again 

In the time we were more then friends 

Ohh Lord 

You know how sorry I am 

I know I’ll never doubt his love again

I know that girl was just jealous

Kissing him, to break us up

So I’d get mad 

Ohh Lord 

I’ve made such a silly mistake 

His love was more then I thought I could take 

But he is true 

And she was fake

Ohh Lord 

I walked out on our wedding day

Her kiss on his lips made me fade away

Made me kick him out

Made me doubt his love 

Made me forget 

His love was true 

And he would never cheat on me 

For another girl who wasn’t me 

Ohh Lord 

Just let me go back in time 

To the time he called me mine 

To the time that we were more then friends 

Just let me go back again

Ohh Lord please 

Just let me go 

Let me go back 

Back again 

Back in time
This was a song/poem that plagued my mind while I was in the shower. Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts!

-Till next time. 

A Christmas Journey to Six Flags

Six flags Magic Mountain was a wonderful winter wonderland of joy today! I had so much fun with my family. (The picture above is my sister Misty on the left and me on the right) 

My mom, dad, sister, and I went on a gorgeous and musical journey to celebrate Christmas together at the place where thrills are King.

We enjoyed the lights, the dancers, and the many spooky coasters that bring out the terror hiding inside your soul. 

My absolute favorite ride is Full Throttle, the world’s largest looping roller coaster! I love how after the ride is over everyone smiles and laughs without fail. It is a ride that somehow brings joy and comradery more than any other ride I have had the pleasure to go on. 

I watched dancing nutcrackers on stilts. Enjoyed snow in snowless California. Ate mint ice cream even though it was cold (or as cold as Califonia can be). Listened to Christmas carols as I left during the night. I ate yummy food and drank delicious coffee. It was lovely. 

I love Six Flags Magic Mountain. The moment I left I realized just how much I needed this outing. I danced. I screamed my lungs out. I sang till I couldn’t sing anymore. I smiled and laughed. I felt free. I felt happy. I felt good about myself and who I am. It was wonderful. It had been a long time since I had truly let loose like that. I think everyone needs to have that feeling, to enjoy time with the people you love the most. 

Sitting in my chair at home my body feels exhausted, my feet sore, my legs begging for me to get to bed, but my heart feels light and warm, the exhaustion taking a back seat to the satisfaction of true joy. I feel content. 

This holiday season, I hope everyone enjoys a time like this. To do something wonderful with loved ones. To let go of your worries for a couple of hours and have fun! 

Have a lovely Christmas Journey, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a lovely (insert occasion here) journey! Laugh, smile, and be merry. Everyone deserves a little happiness and a whole lot of love! 

Merry Christmas season everyone! Have a joyful holiday! 

-Till next time!

A Single Lullaby

Hello there my little darling 

Don’t worry your pretty head 

Let your dreams be filled with wonder 

Let your life be free of dread 

Hello there my little sweetheart 

You know that I’ll be fine 

The creepers keep on creeping 

But I’m too tough to die 

Hello my lovely little pumpkin 

I will always be here for you 

His shadow may be lurking 

But sleep will comfort you 

Hello my dear little princess 

You know I won’t be late 

This song is your protection 

I sing to keep you safe 

Hello my little cutie 

Your smile holds my heart 

Please just keep being happy 

He cannot steal your love 

Hello my little baby 

I know your scared it’s true 

The man who lurks in the shadows 

The man who smiles at you 

Hello my little child 

I don’t know if it’ll be long 

Before my voice gets tired 

Before my voice goes wrong  

Hello my little one 

I’m so very sorry 

His breath is drawing near you 

I can’t protect you anym………. 

This was inspired by the image in the beginning from insidious