The Raven Book Crate: Design AnnouncementĀ 

So some of you may have already seen this, but I designed the box for my book crate! It is honestly the most professional looking thing I have ever created and I’m so proud of it! 

Along with the actual crate itself I have come up with the official idea for my very first crate and just thinking about it makes me smile! I can’t wait till I can start putting everything together! Little teasers and things will be sprinkled about here and there every once in a while till I can finally get this off the ground, but when it does I will have a product that I can be proud of and that I know all you book worms out there will love. 

Thank you all for being a part of this journey. This would have never been possible without your support and even though there is a lot of work yet to be done, I know that somehow, someway this will all become a reality. 

Let me know of any particular ideas of things you look for in a book crate. All suggestions are appreciated and will help me make this the best possible crate it could be. 

-Till next time!


5 Quotes from 5 Books: A GameĀ 

Let’s play a game!… in the least creepy of ways (no dangerous saw contraptions here). I will list a series of 5 books and underneath them will be randomly placed about quotes that you must take a guess about what quote belongs to what book. Email me your answers to to win a little special something for your time. Each prize will be unique and I will do my best to tailor it to you and part of the fun is in the suprise! 

Anyway on to the books! 

The Dead House, The Diviners, and Deep Blue

Eona and To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

A. But what was the point of living so quietly you made no noise at all?

B. I am a prisoner of my skin. My bones are my cage.

C. You’d rather make up a fantasy version of somebody in your head than be with a real person.

D. Men were always quick to believe in the madness of women.

E. You fear you will fail at the very thing you were born for. And your fear torments you…instead of shunning your fear, you must let it speak and listen carefully to what it’s trying to tell you. It will give you good counsel.

Remember! Once you think you’ve got the answers correctly email me at and tell me which quote you think belongs to which book! Answers in the comments immediately disqualify you from winning a prize. 

Thank you for your participation! I’m excited to see how you all do! I’ve been wracking my brain to see what I could do to give back for all of the support that I’ve been getting on the blog and I thought that doing something like this could be a whole lot of fun! 

Before I go I just wanted to put a reminder out there that my kickstarter campaign to start up my book subscription box has 29 days to go! Please pledge your support at:

Anything you can do to help is immensely appreciated! 

-Till next time!