Becoming StarsWolfe

One of my favorite things to do for many years to get myself feeling more positive has always been to watch people stream and play video games. For a long time it felt like a pipe dream. I was very aware of the things I didn’t have that would make streaming in the first place impossible. Things like a camera or a good computer I could edit on or even simply the time to stream at all.

However, after many life issues popping up I decided to myself to focus on what I do have. I have a ps5 and a tv I can play it on. I don’t need to have the rest of the supplies just yet to rig a character I can start vtubing as. To start, when I have the time in the mornings to play I can stream it. Over time it can build up on its own.

I have plenty of games I want to play and try to platinum. On my own I’ve been playing and working on getting the platinum for God of War Ragnorok on Give me God of War mode. Streaming the rest of that journey will be so much fun.

Currently I am 18% of the way to getting the platinum for it and there’s plenty more to go. My goal is that every morning for 2 hours or so I’ll be able to stream. Sometimes I’ll stream alone playing single player games and sometimes I’ll be playing with my best friend whatever game she’s excited about playing.

I know I have to take it day by day. However, everyday when I get up now I feel the excitement of doing something that feels so good. Doing something I always wanted to do. Something that had always been a comfort to me when I’d watch videos online. Starting to be able to do that for others and giving people something positive and fun to attach themselves to is a joy to me.

Come have fun with me and watch me stream!

And here’s a link to my current streaming schedule:

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