Putting Your Happiness into Someone Else’s Cup

I spooled your love into a ribbon

To wear around my neck

To check my pulse you’d touch my heart

Feeling soft swede bumps


scissors against soft cord

My head lolling to the floor

I should have spooled diamond instead of ribbon

Something that cannot crack

-Till next time!

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Special: A Short Story 

A smile. That was the spark of it. It was me and him alone in the hallway, I looked up took in his face, his lips lifted up and my heart skipped a beat. Than he left. I went to my locker, picked up the books I needed and headed home. 

It was all so normal. A moment that shouldn’t have crossed my mind after it was over. Yet I felt something, something warm. 

Years have past and I can tell you now that nothing came from it. Nate was a boy I had known years before that moment and he is a man that is a true friend today. I got close to him after that day. We shared jokes, studied for exams in groups, told each other secrets, and gave a little piece of hearts to one another,  but we were never romantic. My heart that had started to beat for him was broken. Nate wasn’t a man for dating, at least, not until much later. I think I fell for him a little more just because of that. He’d laugh to hear all this now, maybe I will share this story with him soon, but most likely that will never come to pass. 

In my heart he was perfect. There was never a moment where he didn’t try to make me smile. He was and still is the biggest goofball, my Nate (I say this platonically now of course).  He became attuned to me, always made sure I was doing well. We had our seperate groups of course, but we became each other’s best friends and we still are. I never told him how I felt, I knew he had a soft spot for Lydia a mutual friend, though she had eyes for Marchel who she called, “Quietly handsome” something I would agree with, though we all know who I had eyes for. 

Nate never told Lydia that he liked her, when she finally confessed to Marchel and started dating him Nate confided in me. “I never seem to luck out do I?” 

He had looked so broken then, “I am happy she found a good guy though, Marchel would never hurt her. She derserves the best, even if the best doesn’t happen to be me.” He smiled.

This time that smile broke my heart. I knew in that moment, I could never tell him how I felt. I could never say how his emotion mirrored my own. No matter my feelings, Nate deserves the best too. Somehow, I also knew, that that person was never going to be me. 

I don’t think you can ever fall out of love with someone, not really. There is always a piece of you that stays with them. I eventually dated, there was Mark, Philip, Sean, and then Robert. I never stayed with anyone for long, well, except for Philip. I thought Philip could have been the one, a year and a half in and he cheated on me. I guess I too never have much luck in love. My heart still beats a little faster to see Nate’s smile. I know now I love it because when he smiles at you, you feel special, like your the only one that matters in that moment. I’m not his special someone. I’m now a loyal friend. Maybe one day a heart will beat fast to my own smile. Maybe one day they will be special to me. Maybe I will become special to them. 

Thanks for reading! This was a Valentines Day inspired short story. I have never dated anyone (or kissed for that matter) but I have fallen before and I wanted to see that kind of story represented. This story has a little slice of cheese, but I think that’s quite alright for the season. I hope you all have a lovely February!

Let me know what you think in the comments. How do you feel about the story? Are you interested in more short stories in the future? 

-Till next time!

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Smoke and mirrors 

Designed to stray the eye 

That’s not who you are 

Your the honest kind of guy 

Your strong your true 

I wish I’d realized before 

Because now your with her 

I made my mistake 

I’m knocking on a locked door 

But all I ask 

Is the smallest of requests 

Would you kindly please 

Dream a little dream of me 

Dream of a time where I was good 

Where I didn’t knock you down 

When I didn’t question your intentions 

When I didn’t ask for any more 

You are the perfect guy

Your mistakes were built from good ideals 

I am sorry that I had to go away 

To see that you were true 

I couldn’t understand 

How a guy like you 

Could truly mean the things you whispered 

Could love a girl and no other 

Could be so good 

The disception was my creation 

A figment of my mind 

Now your gone and all I hope for 

Is for you to Dream 

To Dream a sweet little dream of me 
Good night, sweet dreams, the story of my own romantic and tired mind. 

-Till next time!