To All Writers

Dear lovely fellow writer,

You have probably read more books then you could remember. You probably have read books that resonated with your soul. Books that have caused you to be in awe. Books that you have read over and over because they were just so good. Books that you learn something new about every time you read it. Books that you love. 
The amazing thing is all books had to be written. Someone sat down and thought up a world with characters that have fascinated you. Someone that is no different from you. Just an ordinary person. Ordinary yet extraordinary. 
Writers come from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. Yet every single one of them has a story to tell or better yet stories to tell. Things that need to be written down so that generations to come could read it. Stories that invaded their minds and yelled and screamed at them to be written. Stories that when they were first written were awkward and unpolished. That through the time and care of the writer became amazing examples of the written word. 
Writers are truly amazing human beings whom take a lot of time out of their days just hammering out words to construct a story. Writing is never easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and just growing up. Writing is something that requires you to grow as a human being and discover who you are. Writing is intimately connected to your soul. It is an expression of who you are and what you dream of. A lot of the time quite literally what you dream of. 
Writing requires you to care about what you write about and to love it. To want to care for it and lead it on its path to becoming the best version of itself. It is carrying out an initial idea and fleshing it out till it becomes this beautiful and unique story. The only way to write a story exactly like another’s is through copy and paste. Let your ideas shine and become what they are meant to be. 
Good writing isn’t a natural diamond in the ruff, but creating a diamond from the ruff. It takes a lot of chiseling and mixing things up, but the ending product is always worth it. 
To all writers I want to say that you are the reason I live the happy life I love. Your books put a smile on my face and excitement in my heart. Being able to be the kind of person that sits themselves down to write something even if it might be terrible at first is such an admirable quality. Every single author out there is such a great mentor for me. You are all the kinds of light I aspire to be. 

Thank you for reading! This is another excerpt from my old wattpad novel, but also something I wanted to share for how much I appreciate authors. They truly are special little gems. 

Thank You For Inspiring Me

There are so many writers who have given me hope for my own future. Writers who have succeeded dispite the odds. Writers who have inspired their readers for good. Writers who have choosen to give their lives to the craft that has given me hope for the world. 

Stephen King 

This man’s word on writing. The story of his start, have given me the hope that my dream is possible. He is someone who started out small. He wrote articles for his brother’s newspaper and then kicked butt with his first novel Carrie that jump started his career. I want to thank Stephen King for his words about words. It is his story that continues to inspire me to write. 
Julie Kagawa 

I love this woman’s books so so much! Her ya fantasies filled with amazing worlds and captivating plot have inspired me to want to write ya fiction. I have always loved mystical beings, but the way she depictes characters and develops worlds gives me a whole new perspective. I want to thank Julie Kagawa for her beautiful writing. Her words built a love for fantasy inside me that I will never let go of. 
Ellen Hopkins

Ellen’s poetry drew me in. Her stories opened my eyes to whole new way of writing. Narrative poetry is now one of my favorite types of poetry. I would love to be a able to write a book in a similar poetic style as hers one day. Ellen’s writing is absolutely stunning. I want to thank her for her words of truth about suicide and addiction. Her poetic authenticity inspires my soul. 
Lois Lowry 

Her book “The Giver” is my favorite book of all time. Her words bring me to think about how the world may turn out if we do not do anything about it. Her words inspire me to write words that matter. Words that might inspire action. I thank her so so much for inspiring a light bulb in my head to say, “Hey, hey you! See these words? You love them no? You hold them dear? Write something that gives someone else the feelings that this book gives to you. Capisce?” Enough said. 
Dawn Kurtagich 

Dawn writes with such a unique voice. Her ya horror stories inspire my darker side. Her book “The Dead House” is one of the coolest novels I have ever read. Her uniqueness made me wonder about in what ways my own writing is unique. What is different about my own voice? What stories do I have to tell? I want to thank Dawn for helping me to realize that no matter what my personal voice matters. To write unapologetically. To write like me. 
For all writers out there: thank you so much for giving yourself to words. You are teachers, inspirations, and true motivators. Never stop following your heart. Keep speaking the many truths of this strange universe. Thank you! 

-Till next time!