A Disappearing Act

Without a word

Without a reply

Without ever knowing why













Into the void.

Left me with empty promises

Left me without a trace

Left me on my own with this poison

I’m now lost in a battle of confusion

Will I ever have this explained to me?

I’m hurting cause’ I thought you would

Have told me if you wanted to walk away

With the magic that you came with you

Sprinkled yourself with some of that dust

And whisked yourself safely into darkness

Yet how can I feel pain when I want to believe

We’ll be ok?

The hope is so much worse then the knowing

You didn’t break it to me easy

You gave me nothing at all

I’m grasping at the straws of sweet memory

Yet even through the hurt

Yet even knowing your gone

I hope that you are doing ok

Your voice is gone

Your music is gone

Yet I don’t have your touch to remember

Are you just another person that’s truly left me

Or is there something that I’m missing?

I don’t have a choice

I may never know

What happened to this love

That now has only bones

My heart still warms thinking of you

But I still know I’m left out in the deep blue



You succeeded

My heart is whole and torn to pieces

I don’t know why I still have hope

You’ll never see the mess you made by not properly letting go

But if you hadn’t why’d you disappear so completely..

left me in the dark on what your feeling

Only time will tell me if you’d truly gone

You gave me no choice to decide if you were ever a hazard at all

Are you waiting behind that curtain call?

To hear a standing ovation, the thousands to applaud?

I guess I’ll be here dancing on my own

Waiting for arms that may never come to hold me close

Because you vanished without saying goodbye

Or see you later

So I swallow the first as a pill

believe in the possibility of the second

But I feel I may never know the answer

Thanks for reading! This poem is very personal and it’s filled with everything I’m feeling right now. I hope at least you all can take something from it. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

What is Reality? 

“There is no such thing as originality.”

Gone is going towards the thing you’ve always wanted most.

Wind is the thing that feels best when your going against it.

Time is a ticking clock that is there but always forgotten.

Society is a word built and reinforced by a group of people with no individuals. 

A mug is the half-filled cup you sipped one night.  Made empty when my eyes opened and I turned alone in my bed and you were gone again.

Sucks that I was never the person you wanted most. 
Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments! I don’t know why, but I’m really happy with myself for this one. I hope you enjoyed. 

-Till next time! 

A Dark & Twisted Fever 

There is a fever running through this town 

A fever to be number one 

There is a fever running in my head 

A sickness I hope to God will be cured 

What is so alluring about this thought 

This feverish speck in my mind 

To be the best that anyone did see 

It’ll be a fever that makes me dig my own hole

What good is this want to be more 

To be more attractive 

More golden, beautiful, enchanting

When a fever will be the cause of death?

It’s a sickness causing me to tear myself down

To peel my skin till it is puffy red 

To burn my hair till it is ‘perfect’

To prick and prod until I am something different instead 

This fever is a spike in the chest 

A demon whispering into the brain

You’ll never be good enough

Now slave away until you fit the mold you have made 

What good is popularity? 

What good is topping the charts?

When your starving your sweet heart?

When your destroying the good inside you?

There is a fever running through this town

A fever that destroys with a touch 

I’ve gained this dirty sickness of Society

I’ll be happy when I am skin and bones 

Society is a crushing truth that we have all created for ourselves. This is my outcry for the times I looked at myself in the mirror and was unhappy with what I saw. The times were I wish I could live in a complete other body, because my own was just not good enough. We should all be proud of the beautiful human beings that we are. This world is twisted and sadly we have created that mentality for ourselves. We need to break from this fever and live the lives we were meant to lead. Be happy. Be you. Never be ashamed of who you are. 

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

-Till next time!