I am so nervous to finally post this. This idea has been brewing in my mind for a long while and I finally fixed up a way to make it work. As you all know my heart and my everything is dedicated to books and given my passion for my blog, all that I am is dedicated to sharing that love and passion with all of you. 

My next step is something that I only ever dared to dream of doing in the confines and depths of my mind and one night at one in the morning I thought to myself that I should just go out there and do what I wish to. 

This is what became of it: 

This ya subscription box will be a theme based subscription box pairing a recently released ya novel and some bookish goodies, along with a specially made soy candle created with a book tailored scent by my sister Misty from The Candle Caffe. A special scent created in my own kitchen delivered straight to your door and to your hearts. 

However this subscription service will never get off the ground without your help! 

So please share this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/918284718/the-raven-book-crate?ref=category

If you can pledge any amount of money large or small it would be immensely appreciated, but what’s most important is the sharing. So annoy your friends and family, your teachers, your coworkers, and distant Facebook and twitter friends. I have one month to reach my goal or all is lost. My future is in your hands! Please help me make my dream a reality!

Thank you all for reading and for your help no matter what form it may take. This project means the world to me and to be able to physically put into action something that still feels like a fantasy would bring me such immeasurable amounts of joy. As always let me know your thoughts and ideas. 

Nervous yet excited, yours truly,

Tiana Wolfe

-Till next time! 



  1. Congratulations! This is an amazing project! I would love to help you out with the money, but I’m still a minor and my parents don’t want me to. Good luck anyway! I really hope you succeed😃 I’m definitely going to share that link!

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  2. Oh this is so exciting, Raven!! Congratulations! 😀 I’m so happy for you ❤
    How cool that your sister makes candles! I'm such a sucker for them (as is any bookworm 😛 )
    I will try to share as much as possible and I hope this project of yours definitely becomes a reality.
    Best of luck! ^^

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  3. Yay!!! Congratulations!!! I really hope you will be able to do this!! I wish you tons of luck in this dream to make it a reality. You have a wonderful blog and I know you will have a wonderful book box!! I would love to help! I will share this in all my media accounts!! Much Love!

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