I’m excited to start a brand new feature on the blog discussing some of the delicious smelling fragrances we have to offer from Wolfe Creek Candles!

First off, I have to feature my favorite fragrance Dragon’s Blood!

This sweetly herbal fragrance is a mix of Orange Peel and Spice top notes, rose middle notes, and Cedar-wood, Incense, and Patchouli base notes. Smelling this fragrance clears my mind and fills my body with a feeling of complete peace.

In my mind, Dragon’s Blood brings to life what a fantasy world filled with magic and dragons would smell like. Earthy, sweet, and carefully balanced.

This fragrance is one of the most beloved fragrances purchased by customers. Some placing it in their offices with coworkers blown away by the delicious fragrance. Others buying it to gift it to friends they know would love it. Most coveting the scent for their homes.

If you wish to take this lovely fragrance home for yourself check out the listing here on Etsy!

Interested in other fragrances we have to offer check out the Wolfe Creek Candles website here!

Thank you all for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! What are some of your favorite fragrances?

-Till next time!


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