Ever since I heard about Strange World and it’s unfortunately poor advertising, I knew I needed to set aside some time to watch it. So today, feeling good and ready I opened up Disney plus and watched it.

I love the openness and the acceptance in this film. Ethan is gay and his family supports him when he talks about his crush Diazo. I’m happy that in this movie Ethan being gay is not a point of conflict. The main conflicts lies in the family dynamics of the father figures in the film wanting their son’s to follow their paths. The generational issue from grandfather, to father, to son. As well as, healing the dying mystical energy plants that supply the power to the whole city they live in.

Strange world is fantastical and beautiful. It’s heartwarming and full of amazing detail. They truly fleshed out a strange, artful, and unique world for this film. You feel like an explorer of your own right watching the film. It’s truly beautiful. The way they give the creatures personalities and expressiveness even which such minimal design is so cool.

Strange world is a film I highly recommend to everyone to watch. It’s the love of a family who all want to do and be the best they can for each other. Plus for all the animal lovers out there, fantastical creatures galore. It’s a grand good time.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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