There is so much out there in this crazy world 

People meet 

Flickering in and out of each other’s lives in an instant 

Some stay some go

Some change your life forever 

Some live nearby 

Some live in another world

I love the way we all connect to one another 

There is not a single person living that isn’t somehow known by one person or another 

We are all bounded by association 

We live by our stories 

With authors known and unknown

I saw this boy that was really cute in the mall the other day

His smile made my heart beat fast 

That little boy was so sweet giving his ice cream to his crying sister 

I wish I had as deep a love as that older couple 

He, she, they, all are beautiful 

By just a glance 

We see our dreams 

Perceive realities 

And create our vision of the world 

Each moment matters 

Every word spoken 

Every heart that beats reaches out to another 

Let us build a better word 

Let us stay inspired, beautiful, strong, and hopeful 

Let us all believe in one another 

And thank the strangers that created the moments that have changed us forever 

We are individuals 

But we are all connected 

Everyday is a day to share our lives 

There is so much out there in this crazy world

Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed, let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

Till next time!

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